Simple Pet Cloud Craft for Kids

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This Simple Pet Cloud Craft for Kids is quick and easy to make! After reading the story book “Once Upon a Cloud,” by Claire Keane, my kids could not wait to make their own pet cloud. These pet clouds would also be a great project for a weather unit, or anytime you need a simple rainy day activity. Your kids will love making their very own pet cloud, and this one is small enough to fit in a pocket!

*This craft pairs perfectly with our Write It! Weather Writing Activities!

This simple pet cloud craft for kids is so charming and super easy to create! It's a perfect rainy day activity in Pre-K or Kindergarten!

Simple Pet Cloud Craft for Kids

To make a pet cloud of your own, you will need:

This pet cloud craft for kids uses just a few simple supplies like cotton balls, googly eyes, and card stock.


First, gather your materials.

Invite students to gently pull on a cotton ball to expand it slightly.

Use a marker to write “pet cloud” at the top of a small sheet of blue paper.

Next, add self-adhesive wiggle eyes to the cotton ball.

Cut a strip of red color coded labels in half, and add one of the halves to the cotton ball to form the mouth.

Lastly, use double-sided tape to attach the pet cloud to the paper!

This pet cloud craft is so fun and can even fit in your kid's pocket!

That’s it! How cute is this pet cloud craft for kids? I love that it encourages lots of imaginative play time fun!

My kids enjoyed pretending that their pet clouds could turn into anything they could imagine. Magical!

Recommended Story Time

As mentioned earlier, one of our favorite story books to go along with this craft is “Once Upon a Cloud,” by Claire Keane.

This cloud craft pairs perfectly with the story book "Once Upon a Cloud."

In the book, Celeste wants to find a special gift for her mother. After much thought, she is just about to fall asleep, when a cloud sweeps in to take her on a magical adventure. She soon visits the stars, moon, and sun. All of which help lead her to the perfect gift!

This book is beautifully illustrated. My kids especially love the dream-like qualities of this story and illustrations. Very charming and fun to read! It pairs perfectly with our adorable pet cloud craft for kids!

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