Shamrock Sing and Seek Subitizing Game

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If you’re looking for a guaranteed way to add some extra excitement to your Circle Time this spring, then we have exactly what you need! This free Shamrock Sing and Seek Subitizing Game will provide high-engagement learning for your Pre-K and Kindergarten students by adding in singing. It’s perfect for March but we love to play all season long to build our number sense and show off our subitizing skills!

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Make Circle Time an interactive learning experience with this free Shamrock Sing and Seek Subitizing Game for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Shamrock Sing and Seek Subitizing Game

This “Sing and Seek” pocket chart game will make Circle Time even more interactive. You’ll be feeling super lucky as you watch your kiddos fully engaged and building subitizing skills in a hands-on way!

The Shamrock Shakes song is sung to one of our favorite tunes, ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain.’ The familiar melody and simple lyrics will be easy for your students to catch onto and join in the fun!

This download includes a Sing and Seek song and game cards for building subitizing skills.

How to Play

When prepping the activity, I recommend printing all of the cards on cardstock and laminating them. This way they are sure to hold up for tons of play!

After you’ve prepped the game, start by placing the shake cards in your pocket chart. Hide the 6 shamrock cards behind some of them (you could hide less to start if you choose).

As a group, sing the song. Now it’s time to invite one student to be the “seeker” by picking a shake card that they think a shamrock is hidden behind. Before checking to see if they are right, they must subitize the dots, fingers, or ten frames on the shake.

*Fun Tip: Give the kids a pointer when searching for the shamrock to make them feel extra excited and special when it is their turn! We made our own fun pointer by printing an extra shamrock card and gluing it to a skinny wooden dowel.

Sudents pick a shake card in the pocket chart that they think a shamrock is hiding behind.

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If the student guessed correctly, everyone gives a great big cheer! That shake is then taken out of the pocket chart and you can continue the game.

If they guess incorrectly, choose another student and they get a turn to seek and subitize.

Continue singing and seeking until all 6 shamrocks have been found!

After subitizing the number on the shake card, students can check to see if the shamrock is hidden behind it.

This pocket chart game is sure to become a springtime favorite with you AND your students!

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Shamrock Sing and Seek Subitizing Game

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