Scissor Skills and Fine Motor Shape Collage

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We are constantly looking for new and fun ways to build scissor and fine motor skills in Pre-K and Kindergarten. They are important skills that take a lot of practice to master. This Scissor Skills and Fine Motor Shape Collage project is perfect for building both skills in an engaging and hands-on way!

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This Scissor Skills and Fine Motor Shape Collage is an easy-prep art project that can be ready in no time with just a few simple supplies!

Scissor Skills and Fine Motor Shape Collage

This shape collage is a fun process-based art project that the kids can do any time! There is no right or wrong way to do it and the results are quite beautiful. The best part is that it’s low-prep, uses just a few simple supplies, and can be ready in a pinch!

Supplies Needed:

With a glue stick, cardstock, and a paper plate you can practice scissor skills and make beautiful art.


To begin, invite your student or child to use the safety scissors to cut off the rim around the silver paper plate.

Next, your child can continue to cut pieces of the inside of the silver paper plate.

When the plate is finished being cut, your child can use the glue stick to attach the pieces to the black cardstock paper.

They can arrange the shapes in any way. The final product has a mosaic, high-end mirror look.

We used silver paper plates to create beautiful, shiny mosaic pieces.

This art project is fun for all ages. Little learners can keep their designs simple while older kids might enjoy making more elaborate designs by gluing smaller detailed pieces onto black canvas for some DIY wall art!

My younger child enjoyed making abstract designs, but my teen loved creating shiny mandalas using much smaller pieces of the silver paper plate.

Kids can glue the silver pieces wherever they want on the black cardstock for a unique final product.

Be sure to display your shiny collage artwork proudly in your home or classroom!

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