Rainbow Play Dough Kit

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One of my favorite ways to incorporate holidays or seasonal changes into our classroom is by making a new classroom play dough kit! Today’s Rainbow Play Dough Kit could be introduced as a fun St. Patrick’s Day sensory activity. It’s perfect for spring and will provide tons of hands-on learning fun!

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This Rainbow Play Dough Kit is perfect for spring or St. Patrick's Day and provides tons of hands-on learning fun!

Rainbow Play Dough Kit

For this seasonal play dough sensory activity, we used our Ikea sectioned container. It’s really much bigger than it looks – almost a foot wide! It’s perfect for holding enough play dough and manipulatives for a large group, while also keeping everything orderly.

The play dough stays really fresh in the box and the little sections are self-correcting for independent clean up!

For this rainbow play dough kit, we used our Ikea sectioned container to store our play dough and supplies.

Materials for the Rainbow Play Dough Kit

Below are the materials that we used for our play dough kit but feel free to use whatever fun supplies you have on hand!

  • Blue play dough
  • Red play dough
  • Yellow play dough
  • 12 pipe cleaners (6 colors) cut in half
  • Handful of pony beads in rainbow colors (240 beads – 40 of all 6 colors)
  • Shamrock glitter (optional)
  • Handful of pom poms in rainbow colors (36 – 6 of all 6 colors)

The dyed barley used in our Valentine’s Day Play Dough kit would work nicely for this (being rainbow-colored, and an essential grain in Ireland) but I had just used it the month before and wanted to change things up.

My kids loved using the rainbow play dough colors to roll snakes and form their own rainbows.

I had my daughter help me make our homemade play dough for this classroom play dough kit.

Add in whatever mix-ins and manipulatives you have on hand or can use for other activities. I try to include materials that I think the children can get a few different uses out of, and I try to offer different materials between the kits.

They used the beads in the rainbow play dough kit to press them into the matching colors of their rainbow.

Ways to Play

By providing different types of play dough and different manipulatives, children can find so many different ways to play. I’ll list a few of the ways we engaged with our Rainbow Play Dough Kit, but your group will probably come up with completely different ways to play!

We also experimented with color mixing.
  • We experimented with color mixing to make the secondary colors of the rainbow
  • Rolled our own rainbow (like we did when we made rainbow slime)
  • Pressed the beads into the matching play dough colors
  • Made patterns with the colored beads
  • Counted the beads
  • Used our fine motor skills to thread the beads onto the pipe cleaners in a rainbow pattern
  • Made rainbows with the pipe cleaners, bridging them between two mounds of play dough
  • Pushed the pom poms into the play dough
I also included pipe cleaners for stringing with the beads.

What would you add or substitute in your own rainbow play dough kit? I’d love to know!

In this rainbow play dough kit I included pipe cleaners, beads, shamrock confetti, and pom poms.

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