Pumpkin Number Bingo Game

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In Pre-K and Kindergarten, we spend a lot of time introducing numbers! We do tons of activities to work on recognizing numbers, writing numbers, and counting too. One of my favorite ways to strengthen important skills like these is with interactive games. This free Pumpkin Number Bingo Game is a fun and hands-on way to work on number recognition this fall. Your students will want to play every day!

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This free Pumpkin Number Bingo Game for Pre-K & Kindergarten is a fun and hands-on way to work on number recognition this fall!

Pumpkin Number Bingo Game

Engaging games like this Pumpkin Number Bingo are perfect for using as a whole group activity or use it in your small groups. My favorite time to play this game is during our class Harvest Party!

This download includes bingo calling cards for numbers 1-10 and ten bingo cards. If you are playing this game with your whole class you will likely have more than one winner for each round but that just means there’s even more times to celebrate!

This download includes Bingo calling cards for numbers 1-10 and ten Bingo cards.

Time to Prep and Play!

I like to prep this activity once and use it year after year (major teacher win!). I do this by laminating the calling cards and number bingo cards after I print them. Printing them on cardstock makes them even sturdier and more durable.

If you are using this activity for one-time use, you can save ink and print the black and white cards (included in the download). Students can color the pumpkins to make the cards their own!

Counting bears make great counters for this Pumpkin Number Bingo Game.

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We use this game over and over again throughout the fall months. Each time we play I like to switch up the manipulatives we use!

Some of our favorite manipulatives to play Bingo with are counting bears, pom poms, and counting cubes but ANY small manipulative will work.

Teacher Tip: Add an extra layer of seasonal fall fun by using REAL pumpkin seeds or even candy corn for bingo counters!

If we are playing in small groups, I like to add the calling cards to a pocket chart so the students can clearly see the numbers. In a larger class setting, I will put the calling cards under my document camera so the whole class can see.

Add an extra layer of seasonal fall fun by using REAL pumpkin seeds for bingo counters!

Every time I get out this Pumpkin Number Bingo Game we play, clear our cards, and play over and again. It’s a super quick and easy way to bring tons of seasonal learning fun into the classroom!

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Pumpkin Number Bingo Game

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