Alphabet Activities and Centers for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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One thing we work so hard on in Pre-K and Kindergarten, and one thing that we LOVE to learn about is the alphabet! Letters are all around us: in our names, our friends’ names, on signs – everywhere! We spend a lot of time learning the names of the letters in the alphabet, and we certainly want that time spent to be hands-on, engaging, and most of all – fun! These 14 Alphabet Activities and Centers are perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms to explore letters!

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These 14 Alphabet Activities and Centers are perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms to explore letters!

Print and Play Alphabet Activities

This pack is filled with activities that are ready to be used any time of the year.

That’s right – since they don’t follow a specific theme or season, you can pull them out anytime you want! Use them for literacy centers, small groups, independent work – you name it!

Plus, with many of the activities containing options for both Pre-K and Kindergarten, it makes it perfect to find just what you need for your learners.

Here’s a quick look at just some of our favorite alphabet activities!

Dot It!

These alphabet “Dot It!” pages are always a huge hit.

You can use Bingo Daubers or Kwik Stix (They are so fun!). Stickers work great, too! These pages are perfect for building up fine motor skills and letter recognition at the same time.

On the Dot It printable, students can use bingo dotters or stickers to fill in the letter and object.

Dip It!

Next, we grabbed our q-tips and paint for more fine motor ABC work with our “Dip It!” pages.

All of the alphabet activities come in both upper and lowercase, so you can choose which to work on.

On the Dip It printable, students practice fine motor skills by using q-tips and paint to color in each letter.

Road Racers

One of the kids’ absolute favorites are of course the Road Racers!

Grab a toy car, and then “race” up and down the letters!

The car on each letter tells kids where to begin, helping them with letter formation.

Students use toy cars to practice letter formation by racing up and down the letters on our Road Racers printable.

Bubblegum ABC’s

There are also fun alphabet centers for matching letters, like “Bubblegum ABC’s!”

Pick a gumball machine, then find and color its matching gumball!

You can choose to print upper or lowercase machines, that way you can decide how your students are matching up letters.

In Bubblegum ABC's, students pick a letter card and color the matching letter on the recording sheet.

Tasty Cookies

Sort letters by upper or lowercase with this “tasty” activity that will have you wanting cookies too!

Students sort uppercase and lowercase letter cards with this Tasty Cookies alphabet activity.

Plus so much more…

  • alphabet play dough mats
  • dry erase tracing strips
  • pocket chart activity
  • magnet letter sorting mats
  • stamping activities
  • alphabet clip cards
  • and more centers!
This pack is filled with activities that are ready to be used anytime of year since they don't follow a specific theme or season.

Plus, each printable comes in black and white as well, in case you don’t want to use up colored ink!

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Alphabet Activities and Centers for Pre-K & Kindergarten


  1. Hi there…. I love the hole punch letter matching idea but it doesn’t seem to be an option in the bundle. Is it discontinued?

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