Phonics Poems for Early Readers

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Fluency is an important skill that needs to be fostered in young readers. From the time they start putting sounds together to make words, students need to be provided with books and other reading materials at their level. That’s why this bundle pack of Phonics Poems for Early Readers is a great resource for your classrooms! These poems contain decodable text along with high-frequency words for students to practice fluency and rhyming and are aligned with the best practices of the Science of Reading.

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Phonics Poems for Early Readers

This bundle pack contains 70 phonics poems for early readers! They can be used as poetry journals or as individual pages to practice sounds and phonics patterns.

The bundle includes:

  • Alphabet Phonics Poems
  • CVC Word Phonics Poems
  • CVCe Word Phonics Poems

Plus, all three packs include a “Digital Ease” version to make assigning specific poems directly in Seesaw™ or Google Classroom™ a breeze!

Alphabet Phonics Poems

You can start the year with the Alphabet Phonics Poems. These poems have an easy-to-grasp, repetitive structure and review beginning letter sounds.

This will help your earliest readers feel successful while continuing to review letter sounds and high-frequency words. This pack contains a page for each letter of the alphabet and has pictures to assist your students with word recognition.

CVC Phonics Poems

The next step in the bundle are the CVC Phonics Poems. These are set up very similarly to the alphabet poems, but take the next step in the reading journey by using CVC words.

This pack contains poems for 23 different CVC word families covering all five short vowel sounds and is a great building block in your students’ fluency.

CVCe Phonics Poems

The last piece of this amazing bundle are the CVCe Phonics Poems. Like the alphabet and CVC word packs, these poems will have your students reading like champs.

Covering 21 different CVCe word families, this pack of poems is perfect for later in the year or even for continued work at home during the summer. These silly poems will have your students begging you to work on fluency.

Scaffolded Learning

The nice part about this bundle is that you have varying levels of difficulty in one pack! From beginning letter sounds to CVCe words, this pack can be a great resource for the whole school year.

It also allows for differentiation in the classroom. If you have a student ready to move on to something more challenging, grab a CVCe word poem for them. Meanwhile, a kiddo who is still needing help with beginning letter sounds can be mastering that skill.

These poems are also a great option for creating a poetry and/or fluency book. Students can collect the whole bundle in a folder or binder. This makes a great book that you know they can be successful reading in class or at home.

Grab Your Copy of the Phonics Poems BUNDLE

You could of course buy each of these resource packs individually, but you will love seeing the growth in students when these phonics poems are used together throughout the year. So, if you buy this bundle that includes all 3 of these packs, you will get a big discount, making this an affordable, must-have resource for your classroom!

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Phonics Poems for Early Readers

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