Pattern Block Trains

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Learning shapes and patterns are important skills, and we use a lot of different resources and activities to help us practice them! One of our favorite manipulatives to use in the classroom are pattern blocks. They are so versatile and can be used in so many ways. We are enjoying using them not only to learn the names of shapes, but to build patterns as well with this super fun pattern block “train” building activity!

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Work on identifying shapes and making patterns with this free pattern block train activity - perfect for Kindergarten math centers!

Pattern Block Trains

Every year I have a few kids really obsessed with trains. They love them, and the train set in our classroom is one of the most popular resources during our play time. This of course gave me some inspiration when planning our math activities, and I came up with a way for kids to make “trains” of their very own – except the cargo that these trains are carrying come in the form of shapes!

For this activity just grab the free pattern block printable below, some pattern blocks, and crayons!

How to Prep

This activity is super easy to set up as a math center. Simply print the recording sheet (below), gather just a few supplies, and you’re all set!

For this activity you will need pattern blocks, pencils, and crayons.

Begin by lining up the blocks and tracing the shapes in any pattern that you choose.

How to Use the Pattern Printable

Our first train was an ABC pattern – trapezoid, square, circle. After we built it, we traced around the blocks with a pencil and then colored in the shapes.

The tracing won’t turn out perfect, but that’s okay! The point is that students are working on naming shapes, building patterns, and getting in some fine motor work and concentration through both tracing and coloring.

After the first train was complete, we set to work on loading up our second train! We built a different pattern for each train.

Color in the shapes on the printable. Build up to three trains per page.

This sheet is just the right size to not overwhelm kids or be “too long.” Although, the great thing about it is, you can always build a train and then come back the next day to work on the others if needed.

More Pattern Block Fun

Looking for more fun, hands-on ways to use pattern blocks? Check out these awesome ideas and printables from some of my favorite kid bloggers!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to build and trace “trains” of your own? Grab your free copy by clicking the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable

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