Paint Chip Letters and Words

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I love when I find things for my classroom that are fun, engaging, and a good deal! That is like a home run! Sometimes, you hit a grand slam and can find engaging resources that are free or resources that you can make yourself for next to nothing.

This year I am using paint chips as a literacy activity – who knew paint chip letters and words could be so fun?

Making Paint Chip Letters and Words

You can find paint chips at basically any hardware or home improvement store. They are almost always willing to donate quite a few to teachers!

I used blue paint chips for consonants and red paint chips for vowels. I just wrote the letters on with a Sharpie! Easy!

I wanted to make a variety of games for my students, so I created both upper and lowercase letters so that they could match them up.

I also used the paint chips to make CVC words. By making the vowels red, we can swap out vowels and see how the word changes! Great for when you are practicing short vowel sounds!

Recording Our Work

It is fun to also have a way for students to record their hard work! We don’t always use recording sheets, but sometimes we work on our printing and handwriting through recording. I had these sheets available during these activities for students to complete.

First, was the Paint Chip Letter Match. After students match up letters, they record some of them on the sheet.

Next was Paint Chip Words. Students build CVC words with the paint chips and record some of their words on the sheet.

Download the Recording Sheets

Ready to play? If you have paint chips ready to go, grab your recording sheets by clicking the yellow button below.

Then for more letters and words activities, download our Free Alphabet Book  and Word Family Sundaes!

Click Here to Download Your Printable

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