Must-Try Strategies and Tools for Creating a Playful Classroom

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How do you improve social-emotional learning and lessen classroom management struggles through a playful classroom? One step at a time – and our Playful Learning All Year (P.L.A.Y.) course is the perfect place to start! In this course, we will dive deep into practical ways that you can create a playful classroom while increasing the learning, engagement, and independence of your students (even if you aren’t “allowed to play”).

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In this Playful Learning All Year (P.L.A.Y.) course, we dive into how to create a playful classroom while increasing learning and engagement!

Must-Try Strategies and Tools for Creating a Playful Classroom

Imagine a classroom where students are more independent and engaged in their learning. Imagine a world beyond rotations, charts, lists, and timers where your students are making choices, learning, AND having fun at the same time. Picture a classroom where ALL of these things become the norm.

It’s ALL possible with P.L.A.Y. (Playful Learning All Year)!

This course doesn’t just reduce classroom woes – it transforms your classroom through developmentally appropriate strategies that help to increase engagement and social-emotional learning while reducing classroom management struggles. And that’s the most beautiful transformation!

Encouraging play in the classroom allows for students to work together.

Here are just a few of the things you will learn about in this P.L.A.Y. course:

  • What makes a playful classroom
  • Setting up your classroom environment for success
  • Building routines and procedures that simplify classroom management
  • Successfully implementing free-flowing math and literacy centers (goodbye rotations – hello independence)
  • Making the most of small groups
  • What purposeful free-play looks like and how to include it in your day
  • And more!
Dramatic play and sensory activities are a great way to incorporate more play in the classroom.

When you complete the course, you will leave with an entire framework of practical and evidence-informed ways to foster a playful learning environment that will pair with any curriculum!

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Must-Try Strategies and Tools for Creating a Playful Classroom

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