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Long Vowel CVCe Emergent Readers


Once kids have a solid grasp of CVC words, they are ready to tackle blends, digraphs, and even CVCe words! “Magic E” words, or words where the “e” at the end makes the vowel long, are a great introduction to long vowels and building up fluency in early readers. These Long Vowel CVCe Readers focus on CVCe word families and give kids fun, interactive reading practice!

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These Long Vowel CVCe Emergent Readers are great for practicing "magic e" words! They are easy-prep and perfect for early readers!

Long Vowel CVCe Readers

Just like all of our readers, these books are super easy to prepare. Simply print two-sided, cut in half, staple, and that’s it! You now have two books ready to go!

I love to print these books out whenever we are working on a new word family or spelling pattern, as each one focuses on a CVCe word family. They are great for small groups because we practice and work on the book together, then I can send it home for them to keep and practice there as well!

The books have larger font for tracking and ease of use with beginning readers.

What’s Included?

This resource pack includes multiple stories for each long vowel sound, ensuring students get plenty of practice with these sound patterns. Each reader focuses on a specific word family in addition to the decodable text.

This resource pack includes 17 books with the following long vowel CVCe word families:

  • long a – ade, ape, ame, ave, ate, ake
  • long i – ice, ike, ine, ide
  • long o – ole, ope, ose, oke and ote
  • long u – une, ule and ute, uke and ude
Each reader focuses on a specific long vowel word family.

How to Use the CVCe Readers

When we first use the books, we take a picture walk to see if we can find clues as to what it is about.

Next, we identify the word family, which is on the front cover of each, and go through the book to hunt and highlight words in that family. This is optional of course, but I find it really helpful for helping kids notice the CVCe pattern.

After our picture walk, we are ready to read! We practice the books several times to build up our fluency.

Finally, after we have read the book and practiced the word families, we spend a bit of time coloring! My kids love being able to color some of the books at school, and what they don’t finish they can do at home or later in the day. It makes them have more ownership over the book as they get to really make it their own!

This emergent reader resource pack includes 17 CVCe word family books.

Grab Your Set

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