Jesus is Born – Printable Christmas Emergent Reader

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Christmas is just around the corner, and you may be looking for engaging holiday activities to share the spirit of Christmas with your students (if you teach in a Christian school) or your own children. While looking forward to gifts, decorations, and Santa is definitely fun – I love to help my kids further understand the real reason for the season. And for that, this free Jesus is Born – Printable Christmas Easy Reader is perfect!

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This free printable Christmas emergent reader is a great way to share the Christmas story with kids and learn about the birth of Jesus!

Jesus is Born – Printable Christmas Easy Reader

There are plenty of ways to help kids understand important values we live by at Christmas time and every day!

I usually read a book with the kids in a group and ask plenty of questions about the characters in the book. For instance – Who are they? What are they doing? etc.

This story is usually something the kids are already familiar with so I like to read many different, fun versions of the Christmas story.

Students can track the words in the simple sentences in this printable Christmas reader.

How to Prep

This Christmas reader is so easy to set up! Here’s what you’ll need:

Print the reader out, cut the pages in half, and staple. You will be making two books at once, which is great if you are needing multiple copies!

It’s a good idea to read the book as a whole class first, before the kids start tracing over the words. It will work best if they are familiar with the words first.

Students can color the fun cover and pictures to make the books their own.

How to Use the Easy Reader

Once the booklets are stapled and ready, hand them out to each student and have them read each page and trace over the words that are written in dotted form.

Get the colored pencils and crayons out if kids are seated in groups. My ESL kids love to be seated in groups because it allows them some time to work with their friends on the activity.

Students can trace the important words on each page of the reader.

Have the kids color their booklets and take them home to proudly show off and share with their families!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to read the Christmas Story with your kiddos? Get your free copy of the printable Christmas easy reader by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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About the Author

Yara is an ESL teacher from Sydney, Australia with a passion for making learning fun and engaging. She loves creating fun activities that children and learners can benefit from, and she shares them often on her blog, Sea of Knowledge.

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Jesus is Born - Printable Christmas Emergent Reader


  1. I really love this…but I’m just wondering…Why does the picture of Mary change at the end of the book? It looks like it’s Pharoh’s daughter and baby Moses?

    1. Hi Shannon,
      Great question!
      Thanks for downloading the reader! In this case, the clipart with Mary holding a baby was only available in that style, and unfortunately, there wasn’t one in the previous style available at the time that our contributor created the book. Should we get custom clipart in the future or find updates, we will be able to update the reader. In the meantime, we hope you find the story itself helpful for your kiddos!

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