Independent Number Talks at the Math Table

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I am very passionate about Number Talks in Kindergarten – I truly believe they contribute so much to my kids’ growth and understanding about numbers. Earlier in the year, I shared how we do these talks as a whole group. Now, it is February, and my students are becoming pretty independent. I wanted to incorporate number talks into our math workshop time. So, the “Number Talk Table” was born!

This table has two baskets of tiles (each a different color), 4 whiteboards and markers (or however many people you want at the table at a time) and a basket of numbers. That is it – that is all the supplies you need!
Students take their board and marker, and pick a number out of the basket. Right now I have 1-10 in the basket because we are working on building equations, but you could put whatever numbers are best for your kiddos!
After they pick the number, they can complete their “math talk” like we do at the carpet. I know it seems funny to say math talk when this is independent, however, it is the same format as our math talks so they understand the wording! Plus, they talk and help each other of course!

Here is an example of a completed math talk. There is a 10 frame, the number, number word, tally marks, and an equation! They can also represent the number in other ways through pictures, etc.
I taught them how to count tiles for their equations by taking one at a time from either basket (they can take a few out of one, one out of the other,etc.) until they reach their target number. Then they look at the different color tiles and form their equations!

When they finish their number, they can put it back, grab another, and begin again!

This has quickly become one of their favorite math workshop choices! They love to visit this table. I love that they are having fun and learning!

Do you do number talks in your classroom?

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