Increase Learning and Save Time with Independent Pre-K & Kindergarten Centers

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Do you ever wish your students could be more independent at center time, and that prepping centers didn’t take so long? This FREE class will teach you the ABCs of Independent Pre-K & Kindergarten Centers for more playful, engaging center time! You will learn about “free-flowing” math and literacy centers that incorporate choice and independence while saving YOU tons of time!

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This FREE class about "free-flowing" centers will help you increase learning and save time with independent Pre-K & Kindergarten centers!

Increase Learning and Save Time with Independent Pre-K & Kindergarten Centers

Does planning or changing centers take up too much of your time? Do you feel like a referee for your students or a constant problem solver?

I can help you make the switch to free-flowing centers – which will change your teacher life and help your students be more independent than ever!

In this class, you’ll learn all about how math and literacy centers can be taken to the next level when we get rid of the rotations and the timers.

Pre-K and Kindergarten centers can be even more engaging when students can choose their activity like this magnet match.

One of my favorite things about free-flowing centers is the time it saves me! I used to change out my centers all at once. Usually, this was on Fridays before I left for the weekend, and it was always a lot of prep and time.

Not to mention I was then trying to introduce ALL of those new centers in one day to kids!

Fast forward a bit and I change centers on no set schedule, though it’s usually 1-2 times a week but NOT all of them at once. Some stay out a long time, others rotate in and out, and some are easier to teach to students than others.

Color coding activities and storing them so students can see them clearly is an important part of free-flowing centers.

My center planning time is now less AND my students have a stronger understanding of the available centers because I’m not giving them too much information at once.

As teachers, this way of running Pre-K and Kindergarten centers allows us to have meaningful time and freedom with individual students and small groups – getting even FURTHER than if we were timer bound.

Plus – you’ll see management issues improve when it comes to keeping everyone on track. AND you can still use your curriculum and required centers!

This lock and key alphabet center can be played independently or in a small group.

Letting students flow freely in and out of centers as they complete activities increases learning and allows for choice and higher engagement!

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Want to learn more about free-flowing centers, including exactly how to set them up, build routines, and work with standards? Sign up for this FREE class now by clicking the large, yellow button at the end of the post!

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Increase Learning and Save Time with Independent Pre-K & Kindergarten Centers

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