How to Teach Sharing in Pre-K & Kindergarten

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Often when people think of a day in Pre-K and Kindergarten, they picture students learning to count and singing the ABCs. And while that’s true, as early childhood teachers, we know that we teach SO much more. Every day, while working on math and literacy skills, we also work on important social skills like sharing! How can we encourage sharing in our classrooms? What do we do if a student doesn’t want to share? I’m here today to share some easy and effective tips for how to teach sharing in Pre-K & Kindergarten!

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Social skills are a big focus in early childhood classrooms. Check out these effective tips for how to teach sharing in Pre-K & Kindergarten!

How to Teach Sharing in Pre-K & Kindergarten

You may have heard the saying “sharing is caring” – it’s pretty popular, and it may surprise you when I say, I really dislike that saying. Why? Because it implies that NOT sharing, or telling someone “no” means you don’t care – which isn’t true.

Sharing is not easy, especially when you’re 4, 5, or even 6 years old. Heck, sometimes I don’t even want to share. Sharing is not always an easy skill to teach but it is important!

So what do we do instead?

In my class, we talk about sharing and playing nicely, but we also practice patience and waiting. We practice understanding that if someone tells you no, it doesn’t mean they are being mean to you.

If you ask someone for something that they had first, they are allowed to say, “Not right now.” or “I’ll come and get you when I’m done.”

You can also use timers or self-managed sign-up sheets to help manage popular items and centers.

Self-managed sign-up sheets are an easy and effective way to encourage taking turns at centers.

BONUS Sharing Song!

Songs are another super fun and effective strategy for teaching sharing! I love songs for mini-lessons, especially when we are working on being okay with hearing “not right now” and learning that we can’t always have a turn right when we want it.

This is one of our favorite sharing songs that we sing to the tune of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider!”

Check out the video for a quick recap of what I do with my kiddos AND to hear our sharing song in action. You will definitely want to try it out at your next Circle Time!

Will you share with me?

I can share with you!

Let’s share together

with all of our friends too!

If you want a turn,

ask, “May I please play?”

And then be very patient.

Your turn is on the way!

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How to Teach Sharing in Pre-K & Kindergarten

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