Holiday Bingo Game for the Classroom

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The holidays are such a fun time in the classroom. Whether you’re a teacher who loves parties and are looking for a fun activity, or you just like to add some holiday fun into your day to day routine, this FREE Holiday Bingo game will be perfect for your Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom!

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Add some festive fun to your Pre-K & Kindergarten parties or your daily activities with this FREE Holiday Bingo game for the classroom!

Holiday Bingo Game for the Classroom

Holidays in a Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom can be so much fun. There is excitement in the air, and kiddos always remind us of the joy of the season. But, us teachers tend to make things more stressful than they need to be, and the holidays are no exception.

We try and do so much to make the time festive and special, but our students don’t really need a bunch of crazy extras. They get excited about everything! So you don’t have to decorate your entire classroom with lights, snowflakes, trees, and stockings. Keeping it simple is usually best. This Holiday Bingo game is simple but super fun! It’s the perfect way to bring some holiday cheer into the classroom!

This holiday bingo game is a great way introduce holiday words and vocabulary!

Keeping it Academic

Who says academics can’t be fun? One of the simplest ways to incorporate the holidays into your classroom is by adding in seasonal activities into your normal academic day.

Some easy ways to do this are:

Festive Fun with Holiday Bingo

This is where Holiday Bingo comes in! Kiddos love a good game of Bingo (let’s face it, so do I!), and they don’t even realize how much they are learning while they play!

Give your students pom poms to use as their bingo markers for some extra holiday fun.

Think of all the skills students are practicing when they play Bingo. They need to listen to the item called and try to find the matching item on their card. They have to keep track of what is on their card and when/if they get a Bingo. Plus, they learn to manage their emotions if they are not the winner (this is a big one to practice). Bingo is actually more difficult than we realize!

These cute, holiday bingo cards are colorful and fun.

These cute, seasonal bingo cards are colorful and fun. Be sure to laminate them for durability and reuse year after year. Plus, these cards are a great way introduce holiday words and vocabulary!

Want to make it extra festive? You could give your students gumdrops or holiday erasers to use as their bingo markers, or have little holiday pencils or stickers as prizes for your winners!

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