Groundhog Day Chant and Rhyming Match

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Every year my students get so excited to see if the groundhog sees his shadow. Will it be wintertime for a while longer or is springtime coming soon?! This free Groundhog Day Chant and Rhyming Match is the perfect way to celebrate Groundhog Day while working on rhyming skills in a hands-on and interactive way!

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This free Groundhog Day Chant and Rhyming Match is the perfect way to celebrate Groundhog Day while working on rhyming skills!

Groundhog Day Chant and Rhyming Match

This fun groundhog chant and rhyming match is super engaging and perfect for Circle Time, small groups, literacy centers, and more!

Prep is easy too! I like to print my favorite chants and the corresponding game pieces on cardstock for durability and then I laminate them for reuse year after year. Laminating the pieces ensures they hold up to little hands and they don’t bend so easily.

After laminating the pieces, I cut them out and we are ready to play!

Teacher Tip: Store the chant and game pieces all together in a gallon-sized zip-top bag and they will be prepped and ready to go the following year!

This download includes a fun Groundhog Day chant and hands-on rhyming matching game.

How to Play

I love this Groundhog Day activity because it is so versatile! Our favorite way to play is during Circle Time.

We start by reading the chant together and naming all of the fun pictures on both the groundhog and shadow cards.

Next, the kids take turns picking a groundhog picture card and saying what is on the card.

I line up all of the groundhog shadow cards in our pocket chart so that after students identify the picture on their card, they go up and find the shadow with the corresponding rhyming picture.

Place the chant and shadow cards in a pocket chart and students can pick a groundhog card and find its rhyming shadow match.

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This rhyming match can also be added to your literacy centers to be played as a traditional matching game! Students simply lay all of the cards out face up and try to find their rhyming matches.

Another way to play that is always super fun is as a partner Memory Match! Start by mixing up the cards and placing them all face down. Students will take turns flipping two cards trying to find rhyming matches.

If they find a match they keep the cards! If they do not, they flip the cards back over and their partner gets a turn.

The student with the most matches at the end of the game is the winner!

This rhyming match can also be played as a fun game of Memory by flipping the cards face down and looking for matches.

Whether you use this groundhog activity during Circle Time, as a partner game, or add it to your literacy centers, it is sure to be a hit!

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Groundhog Day Chant and Rhyming Match

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