Puppy Color by Number Math Printables

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Coloring has to be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities to participate in. Does your classroom become calm and sweet when your children are doing a coloring activity (even just a little)? Mine does for sure! Even as an adult I love to take time to color. It’s so soothing. Your students are really going to love these free Puppy Color by Number Math Printables and you will love that they are working on their math facts while having fun!

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These FREE Puppy Color by Number Math Printables are available in addition and subtraction and are perfect for your early learners!

Puppy Color by Number Math Printables

Anytime I can give my children a coloring activity that is also academic is a win for me. And the fact that this activity is almost no prep is a bonus! But what I like most about these Puppy Color By Number printables is that they are available in both addition and subtraction. Children get to color while strengthening important early math skills!

These printables are perfect for Kindergarten and 1st grade, depending on your students’ needs. And they are so versatile!

Check out a few different ways I like to use them in the classroom:

Small Groups

I like to use this Puppy Color by Number activity in small groups where we also use counters to help us solve the addition and subtraction equations. I ask the students to use their crayon or colored pencil to write the answer inside of the puppy house before they color it. This way they can see the full equation with the answer.

Students solve the equations and write the answer inside of the puppy house before they color it.

Partner Work

You could also have children work in pairs so that they can help their partner and also check one another’s work.

Brain research tells us that children actually retain more of what they learn from a peer. Partner work is a wonderful option for this activity. Sometimes we use fun manipulatives like counting bears or mini-erasers so the kids can build their math equations.

This printable activity also includes a subtraction version.

Math Centers

If you choose to place these printables in a center, you might want to begin with the addition printables on one day and then switch them out for subtraction later in the week. Placing both copies in the center at once might be confusing and overwhelming for your students.

Manipulatives like counting bears can help students be more independent when solving the math equations.

I recommend also including a number line with your manipulatives to help your students be more independent when solving the math equations.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready for some addition and subtraction color by number fun? Grab your free Puppy Color by Number Math Printables by clicking the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable

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