Football Addition Game

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Learning to count and add numbers is an exciting thing! Especially when you can make a game out of it with a high-interest theme. This free Football Addition Game is sure to capture the attention of any young football fan, and the best part is they are working on sums to 10 while they play!

*Pair with our Addition Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Do you have some football fans in your classroom? Have fun practicing addition to 10 with this free printable Football Addition Game! 

Football Addition Game

I love to incorporate a variety of activities into our math workshop time. It makes it one of the kids’ favorite times of day!

To prepare this fun addition sorting game, I first laminated the cards to keep them sturdy. Many little hands play with them, and I wanted them to last!

Then I cut apart the numbered football player and cheerleader cards, as well as the football cards.

To play, students match the football equations with the player or cheerleader card with the correct sum.

How to Play

I introduced this addition game in our small groups. We first spread the football player and cheerleader cards out on the table. They have a number on each of them that will represent the sum or total of the equations.

Then we took turns drawing a football card from a small basket. The footballs have an equation on them to solve and match with the correct player or cheerleader (the one with the correct sum).

I often provide a number line, manipulatives, or whatever the students need depending on where they are at with addition strategies.

I often provide manipulatives like unifix cubes for extra addition support.

We kept solving the equations to 10 until all of the footballs were in the correct spot. Ta-da! Addition practice that is fun and engaging, and I know they are learning!

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    1. Hi there! While we design the activities, we don’t create the clipart, and at the time of creation this was not available. We always keep an eye out for new work by the artist and have added your request to our list should we revisit this activity. Thank you for reaching out!

  1. We have 24 little footballs, four goal posts, 18 football cards with scores on them. How is the game to be played? What items are missing? Can we get whatever is missing? Thank you, Byron

    1. Hi Byron,

      I think you may have pieces to a different activity than this Football Addition Sorting Game. This game includes 26 footballs with addition sentences and 9 football player/cheerleader cards with the sums. The pieces for this game can be downloaded by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post. Hope this helps! 🙂

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