First Day of School Craft

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It’s back to school season! That means that I am on the hunt for fun, back to school activities to get the kids excited to learn. This First Day of School craft would be a fun way to welcome students back to the classroom! It can be used as a keepsake and also for seeing progress from the first day of school and beyond!

*Pair with our Back to School Activities and Centers for Pre-K/Kindergarten!

With just a few supplies you can create this school bus keepsake activity. It's a fun First Day of School craft for Kindergarten!

First Day of School Craft

This adorable craft has a space for writing and drawing! Parents would love to keep these school bus cards as keepsakes of their child’s first day of school.

Students may enjoy looking back at the cards at the end of the school year to see how much progress they have made!

For teachers, these school bus cards would look great on a “Road to Learning” bulletin board display too!

Gather Materials

Grab some yellow and black construction paper, scissors, sentence strips, and glue.


Have the students fold a sheet of yellow construction paper in half. Use safety scissors to cut a square out of the paper as shown below.

For the windows, cut out a strip of black construction paper and fold into thirds. Students can use safety scissors to cut the strip into thirds along the folded lines.

For the stripe on the bus, cut a piece of black construction paper into a thin, long strip.

Follow the directions to carefully cut out the different shapes to create a school bus.

For the wheels, fold a piece of black construction paper in half, and cut out two circles. Tip – students can trace the bottom of an empty paper towel roll for this.

Invite the students to glue on the windows, stripe, and wheels for their school bus craft!

Once the glue has dried completely, the card can be opened and used for various writing exercises. In this example, there is a sentence strip glued inside for the student to write his or her name.

Attach a sentence strip for the students to write their names on the inside of the school bus.

More Ideas for this First Day of School Craft

  • Write an “About Me” paragraph.
  • Prepare a list of learning goals for the school year.
  • Write bus safety tips.
  • The best part about the first day of school was ______.
  • Write thank you notes to the bus driver.
  • Draw a picture of yourself on the first day of school.

Have an amazing first day of school!

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