Easy DIY Counting Activity

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Looking for new and fun ways to strengthen counting and fine motor skills in Pre-K and Kindergarten? This Easy DIY Counting Activity will be a hit in any classroom. It’s low-prep, hands-on, and can be customized for any season. This activity has quickly become one of our favorites!

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This Easy DIY Counting Activity is great for practicing counting and fine motor skills in Pre-K & Kindergarten. Customize it for any season!

Easy DIY Counting Activity

I am super excited to share this DIY Counting Activity with you today. It literally took me less than 10 minutes to prep! Not only did I create it in very little time, it also uses common, inexpensive supplies that I always have on hand.

Let’s get started with our simple supplies:

This counting activity is so fun because you can easily make it super festive for a holiday or season by using themed stickers. The possibilities are endless here!

This activity requires only a few simple supplies. Grab some craft sticks, stickers, and clothespins and you're all set.

How to Prep

We began the activity by adding our stickers to our craft sticks. We were able to get 1-10 stickers per craft stick. If you choose to not use stickers you could use markers to simply draw symbols or shapes on the jumbo craft sticks.

Tip: If you would like your children to practice the “teen” numbers, then simply flip the jumbo craft stick over on the backside and add more stickers.

The clipping and unclipping of the clothespins is great fine motor practice.

Once the stickers were on the craft sticks, it was time to number the clothespins! We were sure to use a permanent marker or pen and a color that’s easy to read.

How to Play

Time to play! This counting activity is so easy and so fun. I simply had my kids pick a jumbo craft stick from the pile, count the stickers, and find the matching clothespin to clip.

They had a blast counting and matching the corresponding number on the craft sticks. The kiddos thought the stickers were fun and they were also excited to practice clipping and unclipping the clothespins.

Kids count the stickers and clip the corresponding numbered clothespin to the craft stick.

This DIY counting activity is one of our favorites for working both counting skills and fine motor muscles!

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