CVC Rhyming Words Matching Game

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This time of year always gets me excited about CVC words. Kind of weird, I know, but giving kids the opportunity to read their first real words is so rewarding! This free CVC Rhyming Words Matching Game is a great way to introduce word families to Kindergarteners! The pictures give the kids context for the words that they are decoding, which gives them skills for taking picture walks through books later on.

*Pair with our CVC Word Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

This free CVC Rhyming Words Matching Game is so fun for reading short vowel CVC words and building confidence in early readers!

CVC Rhyming Words Matching Game

This CVC Rhyming Words Matching Game is so fun for reading short vowel CVC words and building confidence in early readers! Plus, it is easy to prep!

Simply print the cards onto cardstock or the white side of scrapbook paper. Since I have a hard time finding cute prints on 8.5″x11″ papers, I have used a paper trimmer and cut down 12″x12″ scrapbook papers. Then we use the scraps for fun crafts.

Using scrapbook paper is optional but it makes it so that the kids can’t see through the cards. Cardstock works great too because it is thicker than normal paper!

After the cards are printed, laminate them and cut them apart. That’s it – the game is ready to play!

This CVC Word Family Activity is fun as a traditional matching game.

Ways to Play

There are 22 word families included in this download. I suggest selecting 3-4 at a time and increasing the number of matches as the students’ proficiency increases. Too few cards will make the game too easy and too many can frustrate new readers.

We first played this game as a regular game of Memory, but there are other fun ways to play as well!

Another option is to have the kids use the cards as an independent matching activity and give them writing practice by copying the words onto a piece of paper.

Students can write the CVC words on a sheet of paper for extra practice.

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Our favorite way to play is to use the cards as a Write the Room activity, where the students go around and find the rhyming matches, then copy the words down on a sheet of paper for reading and writing practice.

When they find a match they can add it to a pocket chart.

Display matches in a pocket chart for students to see the CVC rhyming words.

However you decide to play, your kids will be getting great practice with CVC words and rhyming. They will be so proud to show off their growing reading skills!

BONUS Rhyming Song!

Songs are powerful AND super fun too! That’s why we want to share with you one of our favorite rhyming songs.

This is a simple song for working on word families and rhyming and is sung to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” We love quick and easy songs that we can sing together at Circle Time!

Check out the video to hear our rhyming song in action. You will definitely want to sing it with your students this year!

Rhyming words, rhyming words –

the ending sounds the same.

Say, play, way, may –

I can rhyme all day!

Rhyming words, rhyming words –

the ending sounds the same.

It’s so fun to make up rhymes.

I love the rhyming game!

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CVC Rhyming Words Matching Game


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