Blends Phonics Writing Activities for Kindergarten

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Once students have mastered letter recognition and their sounds, they can put those sounds together to read simple words! It’s SO exciting and it’s also the perfect time to introduce how to combine letter sounds to make blends. These Blends Phonics Writing Activities for Kindergarten reinforce these literacy skills while encouraging movement as kids get up out of their seats to “write the room!”

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These Blends Phonics Writing Activities for Kindergarten reinforce important reading skills and encourage movement.

Blends Phonics Writing Activities for Kindergarten

This phonics activity pack includes 168 word cards (8 words for each blend) with recording sheets. Each card also has a fun picture clue on it. Before cutting apart the word cards, be sure to laminate them so they are durable and reusable!

You get to choose which blends your students are working on in the writing center – bl, br, cl, cr, dr, fl, fr, gl, gr, pl, pr, sc, sk, sl, sm, sn, sp, st, sw, tr, and tw!

This blends phonics activity pack includes 8 word cards and 2 recording sheets for each blend.

Ways to Use the Blends Writing Activities

“Write the Room” activities are always popular in early childhood classrooms. It means the kids can get up and move while still building reading and writing skills!

When using this activity as a “Write the Room,” I start by choosing which blends I want the students to work on and posting the word cards all around the room. Then the kids walk around with the recording sheet on a clipboard, labeling the pictures as they find them.

You can also choose to use this as a partner activity. Have one set of students hide the cards around the room while the other kids search for them. When they are done, they can switch so each student gets a turn to “hide” and “seek!”

For this "Write the Room" activity, I post the word cards on the walls and students find and write them on the recording sheet.

These vocabulary cards and recording sheets can also be used as a literacy center. Simply place the cards in a small basket or add them to a sensory bin for even more hands-on learning fun!

For this version of play, students pick a card from the basket or bin and write the word.

Teacher Tip: Add the recording sheets to a dry erase pocket sleeve to make them reusable. The kids can write the words with dry erase markers, erase, and write again for tons of practice with beginning blends!

As a literacy center, I set out the recording sheets at a table with the word cards and students pick a card and write the word.

Differentiated Recording Sheets

The recording sheets can be used in more than one way to meet the needs of all your students. Each recording sheet comes with a front page with five empty boxes where kids can pick a card and label the pictures.

There are two options for the back page. The first option includes 3 additional beginning blends pictures for students to label and a pre-written sentence that they can trace.

One version of the back page includes 3 additional pictures for students to label and a pre-written sentence that they can trace.

The second option includes 3 beginning blends pictures for labeling plus blank lines. Students ready for an extra challenge can choose a vocabulary word from the page and write their very own simple sentence.

This is a great way to inspire confidence and creativity!

The second version of the back page includes 3 blends phonics pictures for labeling and blank lines to write a sentence.

Plus, at the end of the file, all of the word cards also come in black and white. Perfect for an ink-saving option!

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Blends Phonics Writing Activities for Kindergarten

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