Autumn Canvas Art

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This multi-step Autumn Canvas art project is a great way for students to explore color mixing, stamping, cutting, and pasting! What better way to celebrate the many vibrant colors of Autumn than with a super fun process-based art project? I especially love that each one is so beautiful and unique!

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This Autumn Canvas Art is a wonderful project for kids to explore color mixing, stamping, cutting, and pasting to create a beautiful display!

Autumn Canvas Art

This project is terrific for developing fine motor skills (cutting, pasting), as well as patience (waiting in-between steps for layers to dry). You may want to follow up this activity with an outdoor leaf hunt to explore the many different varieties of leaves found in nature, or perhaps with a fall-themed storytime — Leaves, Leaves, Leaves by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace is one of our favorites!

For this Autumn Canvas art project, you will need:

  • Block printing ink or poster paint
  • Brayer (or mini paint roller, if using paint)
  • Cardstock
  • Canvas or canvas board (pre-painted black works best)
  • Various large leaf stamps (or, make your own by attaching thick foam stickers to blocks)
  • Metallic pen (optional)
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
Grab some block printing ink, a brayer, leaf stamps, and cardstock to make this beautiful autumn canvas art.

Time to Start Creating

Invite students to mix up ink or paint. Use a brayer to cover the leaf stamps. Stamp onto thick cardstock paper and allow to dry completely.

Tip: We started with yellow, then added a bit of gold, then red, then blue to our ink, stamping as we went along — beautiful!

Use a brayer to cover the leaf stamps with paint and stamp onto thick cardstock paper. Allow to dry completely.

Next, invite students to carefully cut around the outline of each leaf shape. They can then arrange the paper leaves onto a canvas as desired and glue into place. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Once dry, students may want to use metallic markers or pens to add embellishments to their Autumn artwork.

Once dry, students may want to use metallic markers or pens to add embellishments to their autumn artwork. Gold and copper pens worked very well for this!

Each Autumn canvas art piece turns out so beautiful and unique.

I love how festive and colorful this Autumn Canvas art looks now that it is proudly displayed in our home!

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