At-Home Learning Manipulatives for Pre-K & Kindergarten

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Manipulatives are a crucial piece of a Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom. So it’s important that kiddos have manipulatives to explore even when they are at home! This list of At-Home Learning Manipulatives will give your students options and support to continue their hands-on learning in their own home.

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This list of At-Home Learning Manipulatives for Pre-K & Kindergarten offers students support to continue hands-on learning in their own homes!

Why Are Learning Manipulatives So Important?

Early learners explore the world around them through their senses, so being able to touch and explore materials can help them get a fuller understanding of concepts.

More abstract concepts like counting, addition, or subtraction, can be made concrete with hands-on manipulatives. When kiddos can physically touch and see that when you have two counting bears and you add two more counting bears, it equals four counting bears, light bulbs begin to go on (those are my favorite teacher moments).

But what about when you want your students to continue practicing these concepts at home?

Simple supplies like buttons and cups make great manipulatives for counting and sorting.

Using Items From Home To Continue Practice

Just because your students don’t have counting bears, doesn’t mean they can’t be hands-on with concepts. We just need to get creative!

Cotton balls and tongs are great learning manipulatives for practing counting and fine motor skills.

There are plenty of items that you can typically find around the house that work just as well as counting bears.

Whether your students have q-tips or cotton balls, buttons or dried beans, they can manipulate them and get extra practice on whatever skill you want them working on. Muffin tins and mini-tongs can add an extra level of learning fun!

Q-tips can be used to model tally marks and counting skills.

A List of At-Home Learning Manipulatives Just For You

Sometimes it can be hard to think about using things in a different way. What do you mean you can use bolts and washers as a learning tool?

So I’ve created a list for you that you can pass along to your students’ parents! It has ideas of items families may have around their homes that their kiddos can use as manipulatives to further their learning.

Roll a pair of dice, add the dots, and use dried beans as learning manipulatives to model the answer.

Whether your students are doing homework or they just want to do some extra practice on their own, at-home manipulatives will be key.

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