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5 Ways to Reset and Improve Classroom Management in Pre-K & Kindergarten


Do you feel tired, stressed, or worn down by classroom management struggles? Maybe behaviors are popping up more than usual, kids seem to be forgetting expectations, and you’re just hoping that things will settle down. Well, hope doesn’t need to be your only strategy! Let us help you ensure that your classroom runs smoothly for the rest of the school year with our 5 Ways to Reset Your Classroom challenge!

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Ensure that your classroom management is effective with our 5 Ways to Reset Your Classroom challenge!

5 Ways to Reset and Improve Classroom Management

It’s true that at different times of the school year our classroom routines can get a little (or a lot) out of sorts. Whether it’s fall, winter, spring break, or simply a rough patch during the year, it can be tough – but we’ve got your back with this quick and effective challenge.

After you take this 5 day challenge, you’ll realize that just some simple changes in your classroom can make a HUGE difference!

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Designed to take five days, you will learn our top, easy-to-implement tips to reset your classroom any time of the year.

The best part? You can do this in just about 10 minutes a day. Each topic is a separate lesson so that you can focus on one section each day for five days.

But if you prefer to watch it all in one sitting, you can! You receive the entire challenge immediately and can complete it on your own schedule.

In this challenge you will learn our top, easy-to-implement tips for resetting Circle Time.

Take a look at the breakdown of what we will cover:

Day 1: Reset your arrival
Day 2: Reset your transitions
Day 3: Reset your Circle Time
Day 4: Reset your procedures
Day 5: Reset your clean up

Can you imagine what your classroom would look like if there were fewer behavior issues and interruptions PLUS stronger routines? If so, this reset is waiting for you!

In this challenge you will also learn our top tips and strategies for resetting transitions to centers and more.

Change might feel hard, yes – but you know what’s harder? Dealing with the same issues and classroom management struggles day in and day out, just wishing for summer.

So don’t wait – join us in this challenge today and reset your class tomorrow!

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Say bye-bye to your classroom management struggles and give yourself the kickstart that you need to make it a reality. Take the challenge now by clicking the yellow button below!


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