Hungry Frogs Color Matching Activity

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Busy bags or independent learning centers are my favorite kind of activities to use at home and in my preschool classroom! I love when simple activities are engaging, inviting, and even encourage conversation between friends during play. This free Hungry Frogs Color Matching Activity is a fun way to practice color recognition, comparing and contrasting, and even fine motor skills. Plus, this game fits nicely into a spring or bug theme too!

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This fun and free Hungry Frogs Color Matching Activity is the perfect game for working on colors and practicing fine motor skills in Pre-K!

Hungry Frogs Color Matching Activity

This printable color matching game includes 12 colored frogs and flies. Each card with a lily pad and colorful fly on it has a corresponding frog waiting for it to jump on to.

To prep, print the game cards (download below) on white computer paper or cardstock. I use cardstock with my preschoolers, but printer paper for home. My preschoolers still tend to try to bend our laminated games sometimes. Laminate the cards and cut them apart. That’s it!

Time To Play!

The object of the game is to match up all 12 frogs by jumping them onto the lily pad with the same colored fly!

For younger children who may not have mastered color recognition yet, use only a few colors when introducing the game. This will help ease frustration and set your child up for success! This also leads to wanting to play more and builds confidence at the same time.

In a classroom setting, partnering students up together can help different leveled learners work together matching colors and work on color recognition at the same time!

The object of the game is to match up all 12 frogs by jumping them onto the lily pad with the same colored fly!

Adding fine motor skills practice to the color matching activity is a great way to incorporate another learning element! I am a huge fan of strengthening fine motor muscles with my preschoolers whenever possible to help later with handwriting and letter formation.

Adding fine motor skills practice to the color matching activity is a great way to bring another learning element into this activity!

Simply add clothespins to the the frog and lily pad cards. Clipping the frogs to the lily pads is another way to incorporate fine motor skills and build up those finger muscles!

This game helps young learners practice color matching, color recognition, and can encourage the use of new vocabulary terms.

Students use clothespins to clip the colored frog card to the matching colored fly card.

Matching the hungry frogs to the correct colored fly is a fun way to practice colors and your kids are sure to love it!

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Get ready for some jumping, colorful matching fun!  Grab your own free copy of the Hungry Frogs Color Matching Activity by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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