Mark The Kindergarten Connection as a Safe Sender

We don’t want you to miss a thing! To make sure you receive all of our emails, make sure to update your email so that The Kindergarten Connection goes to your inbox (this process is also called whitelisting).

Each email provider is different but there is a way to do this in every system. Below are instructions for a few of the most common email platforms.


There are two main options with Gmail: add a contact or create a filter.

Adding a Contact

While logged into Gmail on a computer, click on the menu towards the top of the screen that looks like nine dots arranged in a square. You will receive a drop down menu with other Google services. Click on “Contacts”. Alternatively, visit to open this page.

A screenshot of how to access Google Apps from the top navigation in Gmail

On the Contacts page, click on the “Create contact” button in the top left corner of the screen.

A screenshot showing the Create Contact button inside of Google Contacts

A pop-up window will open for you to create a new contact. Add as your new contact and click save. If you are in the Print and Play Club, add

A screenshot showing the options to create a contact for from Google Contacts.

Create an Email Filter

While logged into Gmail, click the small arrow in the search bar at the top of the screen.

A screenshot showing how to access the advanced search options in Gmail

An on-screen pop-up will appear asking for search criteria. Search emails from and then click “Create filter”. If you are in the Print and Play Club, add

A screenshot showing the options to create a filter inside of Gmail for

On the next screen, you will select what you want to have happen to emails meeting this filter. To make sure they go to your inbox, you can either choose to “Star it” or “Categories as: Primary”. Make your selection and then click “Create Filter”.

A screenshot showing how to finish creating a filter inside of Gmail with the options Star It and Categorize As Primary highlighted

Microsoft – Outlook/Hotmail/Office

Open the email and click the ellipsis in the right corner. From the menu, click “Add to Safe senders.”


From your Yahoo mailbox, click the ellipsis next to “Spam.” Then click “Add Sender to Contacts.”

Apple Mail (OSX)

Open the email and right-click the sender email address. Choose to “Add to Contacts” or “Add to VIPs.”

Apple Mail (iOS)

Add the “From” email to the address book by opening the message and tapping the “From” email address. Then tap “Create New Contact” to input the address in the contacts list.