Subitizing Activities and Centers for Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten


Looking for hands-on and engaging subitizing activities for your classroom? These are for you!

Designed with Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten in mind, these centers will give you a variety of activities and options for teaching number sense and mathematical fluency to your students.

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This pack is filled with engaging subitizing centers for Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten students that are NOT themed and can be used ANY TIME of year!

Subitizing allows students to recognize how many objects are in a set without counting. And this fun pack of centers and activities will help them practice counting on, combining sets, and recognizing number patterns to 20.


Subitizing Clip Cards – Clip cards are great for building fine motor and subitizing skills! 3 sets included: counting fingers, ten/twenty frames, and dice.

Subitizing Pocket Chart Sorts – Use these pieces as a sorting game in the pocket chart (or out). There are 4 pieces each for numbers 1-20. Use as many or as few as you wish!

Subitizing Dominoes – Subitizing dominoes is a great math center! Print, laminate, and cut. Students start at the star and then match up numbers and pictures by placing the number next to its matching amount, creating a long “train” of dominoes.

Subitizing Puzzles – Have fun with subitizing puzzles to 20 by laminating, cutting, and then putting together the pieces by matching numbers to their picture amounts!

Subitizing Fluency Cards – Cut out, mix up, hole punch, and put these cards on a ring for fluency cards on the go! Use at circle time, small groups, number talks, or anytime! Choose to work with any numbers 1-20 – there are 4 cards for each.

Subitizing BINGO – Print and laminate these cards for a fun subitizing BINGO game with numbers to 12! There are 12 individual BINGO cards. Great for small groups or to play as a whole class. Just print a few copies to have a few winners at a time and make it fun for everyone while learning to subitize!

Subitizing Roll and Cover (2 levels) – Roll a die and cover a number that matches. The first player to get 4 in a row or fill their board wins! (Four sets included, two for 1-6 and two for 7-12. Printable dice included as well.)

Subitizing Stack It (2 levels – 7 games!) – Subitize the totals on the cubes. Stack a tower that many cubes high on top. (Five sets for 1-10 and two for 11-20.)

Subitizing Coconuts (2 levels) – Pick a coconut card and subitize the amount. Color a coconut with the matching total. (Two games, 1-10 and 11-20.)

Mouse and Cookie Subitizing Match – Subitize the amounts on the cookies (1-20) and match them up to their mouse!

Black and White Copies of color items are included at the end of the files.

⭐SAVE BIG with the Year-Long Bundle

***This pack will download as a zip file to your computer with the pdfs inside. Please be sure you are able to unzip folders so that you are all set to use your resources!

What educators are saying:

I liked using these activities with my students during center time. They were engaged and could work on their own.
— Norinne W.

Students loved this resource! We used it for centre activities during our subitizing unit, and there were activities for everyone!
— Christina C.

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