Sub Plans for Pre-K, TK, and Kindergarten


Looking for easy-prep sub plans that you can have ready in a pinch?

These EDITABLE sub plans will help you prepare your Pre-K, Transitional Kindergarten, or Kindergarten class for a substitute at any time of the school year!

To prep these EDITABLE sub plans, simply type and print the information about your class and you are ready to go. They are also great to make a sub tub so that in case of sick days or an emergency, you are already prepped and ready.

Inside the sub plans you will find pages for reference to give substitutes important information about your class, including:

title, binder/folder labels, student info, important numbers, dismissal info, rules and consequences, procedures and expectations, daily schedule, weekly schedule, emergency drill, and sub feedback.

Along with the sub plans… you get 104 pages of quick print math, literacy, and other resources for any time of year:

  • 47 literacy pages that include skills such as name writing, letter writing and tracing, identifying letters, ABC order, CVC word families, and color words.
  • 42 math pages that include skills such as number writing and tracing, identifying numbers, counting, addition, subtraction, graphing, 2D shapes, patterns, and comparing numbers.
  • 15 additional pages that include skills such as line tracing, line cutting, directed drawing, self portrait drawing, and following directions printables.

Grab these sub plans and say goodbye to the stress of last minute planning. The work is done for you! Just hit print, fill out the forms, and you’re all set!

***This pack will download as a zip file to your computer with the pdfs inside. Please be sure you are able to unzip folders so that you are all set to use your resources!

What educators are saying:

I used this resource to create an emergency sub folder for when I have to call in sick, plus it helps on any day I am out as well since there is information I use all the time. It helps me stay organized and not have to worry about calling in when I really need to.
— Nellie B.

This made my life SOOOO easy!! I am so thankful for the resource because it is hard to have time to plan accordingly and this makes it seamless!!
— Kristie J.

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