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  • Mini-Books Endless Bundle

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    This mini-books bundle contains over 200 easy-prep books that are perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten!

    ➨One page = one book! Just fold in half twice, and you’re ready to go!

    Color the books, trace words, make equations, and more!


    Mini-books are great alternatives or companions to full easy readers as they are more manageable for young kids just starting to read, and they are interactive. ❤️

    This resource is an endless bundle which means there are plans for more resources, but they are not on a set schedule. When they are added, you get them at no additional charge.

    What’s Included:

    Over 176 NEW mini-book sets:

    ⭐12 color mini-books

    ⭐18 animal mini-books (forest, farm, rainforest, reptiles, nocturnal, insects, ocean, pets, zoo)

    ⭐8 addition mini-books (to 5 and 10, and build your own)

    ⭐32 holiday mini-books (including holidays around the world: Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Las Posadas, Christmas, St. Lucia, Diwali, Chinese New Year)

    ⭐14 monthly mini-books (two options for Aug/Sept)

    ⭐9 pattern mini-books (extend and build your own)

    ⭐8 subtraction mini-books (to 5 and 10, and build your own)

    ⭐23 rhyming mini-books (anytime and seasonal)

    ⭐ 6 food groups mini-books

    ⭐ 5 opposite mini-books

    ⭐ 7 life cycle mini-books

    ⭐ 6 space mini-books

    ⭐ 28 ending digraphs & blends mini-books

    ⭐ 3 dinosaur mini-books (2 dinosaur names and 1 paleontologist)

    ⭐ 6 weather mini-books

    ⭐ 5 senses mini-books

    Plus 124 BONUS mini-books:

    These books are part of some “Now I Know Centers Bundles” and you may own some already. They are included here for convenience to help you out! You are not charged extra for these.

    ⭐26 ABC mini-books

    ⭐24 blends & digraphs mini-books

    ⭐24 CVC mini-books

    ⭐14 CVCe mini-books

    ⭐21 numbers mini-books (numbers 0-20)

    ⭐15 shape mini-books (2d and 3d)

    ⭐Editable sight word mini-book (endless possibilities, make as many sight words as you need!)

    Upcoming Sets (you will get these FREE):

    ⭐fairy tales

    ⭐nursery rhymes

    ⭐and more!

    ***This pack will download as a zip file to your computer with the pdfs inside. Please be sure you are able to unzip folders so that you are all set to use your resources!

    What educators are saying:

    Great resource. My students loved it and enjoyed being able to make a book and follow along.
    — Kimberly S.

    These are such a fun little touch to add to our lessons! My class has loved every one of these and they are so excited to take them home so they can tell their parents all about them! Super easy to use and one of my favorite quick prep activities!
    — Paige B.

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