Graphing and Measurement Activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten


Looking for hands-on and engaging graphing and measurement activities for your classroom? These are for you!

Designed with both Pre-K and Kindergarten in mind, these centers will give you a variety of activities and options for teaching graphing and measurement to your students.

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This pack is filled with engaging graphing and measurement centers for Pre-K and Kindergarten students that are NOT themed and can be used ANY TIME of year!


Graphing is Sweet – Roll the die. Color a space above the dessert you roll on the graph. See which one gets to the top first!

Pet Shop Palooza – Sort the pets and count the total for each. Graph them!

Teddy Graph (3 options) – Color the bears in each column to match the die. Roll the die. Color a space above the bear you roll on the graph. See which one gets to the top first!
*** other options include a recording sheet for sorting bags of bears and a recording sheet for placing bears on the graph instead of coloring.

Pattern Block Graph – Graph the pattern blocks in your bag (will need to provide bags of pattern blocks) and answer the questions. (Which did you have the most/least of?)

Dice Roll and Graph – Roll a die and graph the number you land on. See which number gets to the top first! Answer the questions. (Which number did you roll the most/least?)

Goldfish Graph – Color the goldfish in each column to match the goldfish you are counting. Graph how many of each color you have! (Printable fish included if you don’t wish to use food items)

Printable Sorting Mats for Any Items – Use these sorting mats for any items! Erasers, buttons – you name it!

Grab and Graph any Item – Use these 2 pages to graph the items you sorted from the sorting mats (use with any manipulative!)

Pocket Chart Class Graphs – 6 different class graphs, with *EDITABLE* student name tags for graphing in the pocket chart!


Which Weighs More? – Pick a card and put that many items in each side of the balance. Color the item that weighs the MOST.

How Many Bears? – Pick a card. Place that many of the object on the balance. Count how many bears are needed to make the balance even. Record how many!

Which is Longer? – Pick a card. Line up that many of each item. Color which item’s line is longer!

Let’s Go Walking – Measure how long your shoe is with each item. Write how many of each item you use.

Measure the Room – Measure the items around the room with your unit of choice. Write about how long they are on the lines.

Monster Measurement – Measure the monsters with your unit of choice. Write about how long they are in the boxes.

Light or Heavy? – Choose if the items are light or heavy. Color, cut, and paste them in the appropriate box.

Light or Heavy Pocket Chart Sort – Cut, laminate, and use in a pocket chart before using the cut and paste version for even more practice!

Black and White Copies of color items are included at the end of the files.

⭐SAVE BIG with the Year-Long Bundle

***This pack will download as a zip file to your computer with the pdfs inside. Please be sure you are able to unzip folders so that you are all set to use your resources!

What educators are saying:

So easy to use and my students love them!
— Katelyn S.

So engaging! I love seeing my students work through the measurement concepts with these activities!
— Sara P.

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