Winter Writing Center Activity

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This Winter Writing Center Activity has a little hide-n-seek twist to it that your students are going to love! You’ll like it too because it’ll have your kids up and moving, reading, and coloring. A fun game of hide-n-seek is sure to brighten up your classroom writing centers this winter when things are dreary and cold outside.

*Pair with our “Find It” Writing Centers Bundle for Pre-K/Kindergarten!

This free Winter Writing Center is a fun, hands-on activity that is perfect for your Kindergarten literacy centers!

Winter Writing Center Activity

Let’s get those kiddos up and moving this winter with this fun “find it” literacy activity!

I just love how the skill of coloring is an early writing skill. Did you know that? So next time your students are coloring, relax and have fun with it! Remember… they are building fine motor skills necessary for writing.

Hide-n-seek, coloring, and encouraging movement are what this Winter “Find It” literacy center activity is all about!

Let’s get started with a few supplies!

Just print the Winter Writing Center Activity vocab cards, recording sheet, and grab some crayons to get started!

Supplies Needed:

  • Winter “FIND IT” printable recording sheet (download below)
  • 8 Winter word vocabulary cards – laminate for repeated use and cut (download below)
  • Tape or Velcro
  • Crayons
  • Clipboard (Amazon has 30 packs if you don’t have a class set yet – they are handy!)

How to Use the Winter Writing Center Activity

This activity is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms as a reader’s workshop or writing center activity. It is also great for homeschooling!

If you decide to make this a center activity, just remember to scatter the winter vocabulary cards around the classroom before the students arrive.

Use velcro to attach the cards to the walls or other surfaces if you like to keep your “write the room” cards in similar locations throughout the year. Tape works too!

Use velcro or tape to attach the winter vocabulary cards to the walls and other surfaces around the classroom.

Partner Work

My favorite way to use this Winter “Find It” activity is in pairs.

Once the winter vocabulary cards are printed and cut out, partner #1 uses a small piece of tape or velcro to scatter the cards around the classroom by attaching them to the walls, cabinets, or shelves.

Partner #2 should turn his/her back so they can’t see where partner #1 places the winter vocabulary cards.

Partner #2 then uses the recording sheet attached to a clipboard to find the winter vocabulary cards scattered around the classroom.

When partner #2 finds a vocab card, he/she should read the word out loud, find it on their recording sheet, and color the picture that matches it.

As partner #2 finds each vocabulary card, they hand it to partner #1 and he/she places them back in the writing center so that partner #2 has a chance to hide the vocab cards for partner #1.

Find the winter vocabulary cards, read the words aloud, and color the matching pictures on the recording sheet.

Teacher Tip: For an extra challenge, children can write the vocabulary word next to the picture when they find it and color it in!

The activity continues until both partners have had a chance to hide the winter vocab cards and also find/color them on the recording sheet.

I hope this Winter Writing Center Activity brings some fun and joy to your classroom. Your students are going to really enjoy using them!

BONUS Snowflake Song!

Songs are powerful AND super fun too! That’s why we want to share with you one of our favorite action songs – and it’s winter-themed!

This is a simple song that will get your kids up and moving and is sung to the tune of “The More We Get Together.” We love quick and easy songs that we can sing together at Circle Time or for a quick brain break!

Check out the video to hear our snowflake song in action. You will definitely want to sing it with your students this winter!

Falling, falling snowflakes
blow this way and that way.
Oh, falling, falling snowflakes
blow this way and that!

Swirling and twirling
and twirling and swirling.
Oh, falling, falling snowflakes
blow this way and that!

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Winter Writing Center Activity


  1. Hello

    I teach preschool and Kindergarten and I was hoping to edit the search and find. Our Preschool kids could totally do it the way you. have it but for our kinders we want them to write the word but am not able to edit the pdf. Are you able to help me adjust the file a little bit?

    Thank you so much, we are super excited for the kids to try this writing center.

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Love that idea of differentiating to add a challenge for your Kindergarteners! Unfortunately this activity is not editable but you should definitely check out our Winter “Write It” pack. I included the link below. It sounds like exactly what you are looking for! It includes winter themed picture cards and also includes recording sheets for writing the winter vocabulary words. We hope this helps! 🙂

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