Where to Get Classroom Items on a Teacher Budget

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Teachers everywhere are always looking for where to get classroom items without breaking the bank! We are passionate about making sure that our classroom environments have everything that’s needed for our students to be engaged and learning (and everyone loves cute decor, too!). Unfortunately, often this means spending money out of our own pockets, but we can definitely make sure that we find items within our budget. So I am here to share with you my favorite places to find useful and FUN classroom items on a teacher budget!

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If you’re a teacher on a budget, I'm sharing some of my favorite places to score classroom items without spending a ton of money!

Where to Get Classroom Items on a Teacher Budget

Do you get a class budget each year for items of your choice… or not? I’ve collected a lot of stuff over the years, and some of my best finds were used or gifted!

If you’re a teacher on a limited budget, keep reading to find out some of my favorite places to score classroom items without spending tons of money!

Garage Sales

Garage sales are great for finding anything and everything! I found my giant blocks and awesome dollhouse years ago at garage sales. You can find bookshelves, tables and chair sets, legos, and everything in between on those Saturday morning garage sales. Remember, “The early bird gets the worm!”

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are great for books and some toys like blocks and more! But before you leave, be sure to flip through the pages of books for any markings or missing pages.

You can build a classroom library with used books from thrift stores.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace or “Buy Nothing” local groups in your area are awesome for literally everything! “Buy Nothing” local groups give items away for free, so that’s definitely a win. Facebook Marketplace often has unique items or even retired teachers who are cleaning out their classrooms. So you can find lots of items for a really good and reasonable price.

The Dollar Store

The dollar store is great for seasonal items and you can even find “bulk” items if you’re needing 6-8 of an item for a class activity. Check out some of my favorite dollar store center time supplies HERE!


Target’s “Dollar Spot.” Need I say more?! I think this is a favorite area for cute, novel items and you really can’t go wrong with what you find here. I love their learning activities because most of them come with everything you need (dry erase board, marker, eraser, etc.)!

Garage sales and dollar stores are great places to get classroom items like blocks.


Make sure to ask family and friends (and classroom parents if you’re allowed to) for specific donations or ask them to keep an eye out for things on your teacher wish list! They just may have what you’re looking for.

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Where to Get Classroom Items on a Teacher Budget

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