Watermelon Seed Alphabet Tracing Cards

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Fitting everything into your day is not always easy.  When you have dinner to make and homework to get through with your big kids, keeping your preschooler entertained can sometimes get pushed to the side.  Instead of turning on the television for your little one to zone out in front of, use this opportunity to introduce a busy bag learning activity instead!  These free watermelon seed alphabet tracing cards are perfect for this kind of situation.  Keep your preschooler learning and build confidence with letter recognition at the same time!

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Watermelon Seed Alphabet Tracing Cards

The printable watermelon-themed alphabet tracing cards are easy to prep!  The set includes 26 slices of watermelon.  Each slice of watermelon has an outlined letter of the alphabet printed on it.

For this activity, simply print out the watermelon alphabet tracing cards, and cut them apart on the dotted lines included on the printable.  I printed my set out on white cardstock.  If you are going to laminate the watermelon cards, you could always just print them out on plain white printer paper.

The only other supply you will need to grab from the pantry is dried black beans to use as pretend watermelon seeds!  Or you could eat 50 watermelons and hope to find at least 1 actual black watermelon seed inside each one.  Gone are the days of watermelon seed-spitting contests!

The object of the alphabet learning activity is to use the black beans to fill in the outlined letters on the watermelon cards.  Preschoolers develop skills at different times, so alter this busy bag to best fit your child’s needs.  It’s always best to set young children up for success and not overwhelm them, which can lead to frustration.

Ways to Play!

For younger learners who are just being introduced to the alphabet, encourage them to place the black bean watermelon seeds inside the letters on the watermelon slices.  One by one the beans can fill each letter.  Talk about the letter that is being traced.  And it may be a good idea to start with the letters in your preschooler’s name instead of all 26 letters!

With preschoolers who can recognize most or all of the letters in the alphabet, take it to the next step with correct letter formation.  Uppercase letters are formed starting from the top and going down, and starting from the left and moving right.  Encourage your preschooler to start tracing the letters with the beans beginning in the correct spot.  This will help with correct letter formation when it comes time to actually write the letter!

No matter which way your child plays, fine motor skills will be strengthened! Pinching each teeny tiny black bean is a lot of work for little fingers.

The best thing about busy bag learning activities like this, is that you can simply throw all the materials into a reusable freezer bag until it’s time to play next time!

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