Valentine CVC Words Activity

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The season leading up to Valentine’s Day may be one of the sweetest times of the year! It is also a time when early reading skills are being mastered in the classroom. This free Valentine CVC Words Activity combines hearts with letter sounds and reading simple words. February is the perfect time of year to strengthen letter sounds and blending skills in such a fun way!

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This free Valentine CVC Words Activity for Kindergarten combines hearts with letter sounds and building simple words!

Valentine CVC Words Activity

This free printable activity includes 15 CVC heart-shaped picture cards and letter cards for the following words: top, map, fan, sun, web, leg, six, bib, wig, cob, fox, mom, cup, sad, and gum.

To prep, just print the Valentine CVC Words Activity from the file below and cut the cards apart on the gray dotted lines.

Laminate or print on cardstock for added durability. It can’t be only my preschoolers who love to bend my printable activity pieces! Laminating is a time saver when working with little kids.

To play, place the picture cards in a small basket and spread the letter cards out on the table.

How to Play

Place all of the picture cards in a small basket. Spread the letter cards out on the table to make it easier to find the ones needed.

Pick a picture card and identify the word. To begin building the word, stretch out the sounds in the word.

First, focus on the first sound in the word and find that letter. Place the letter card on the first dot next to the picture.

Stretch the word out again to find the second and then third sound. Place those letters on the second and then third dots until you have completed the word!

Students will identify each letter sound in the CVC words and spell the words on the picture cards.

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Each middle sound in the CVC words is a vowel. To make that more apparent, the second dot is red and each vowel letter is red on the cards.

This will help those who have not yet mastered spelling out words to focus on looking for a vowel within the pile of 26 letter cards.

After the word is spelled out with the letter cards, sound out the word again using the letters used. This will help double check the letter choices as well as reinforce those early reading skills.

Each picture card has a red dot for placing the corresponding red letter card.

I’m excited to be able to use this Valentine Spelling CVC Words activity with some of my preschoolers. My youngest at home loves playing it, and I love how we just pack it up in a Ziploc until next time!

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Valentine CVC Words Activity


  1. Thank you for sharing your hard work!
    You have made my life a bit easier and definitely more fun
    for my kiddos. ❤️

  2. I want to thank you for sharing your creative work ideas, by giving away free things for us to share with our students to help them grow stronger in their skills. This really shows passion for the love of teaching/educating students. The way you give special prizes to your subscribers makes you my #1 person I check first to buy things from. I wanted to thank you and let you know that YOU truly make a difference in educating our young ones. Thank you!

    1. Hi Rebecca!

      Thank you so much for your sweet words! This is so, so wonderful to hear. I will let Alex know immediately. She works so hard and this is exactly why she does what she does. Hooray for the kind-hearted, hardworking teachers making a difference in the world! Kudos to you too, Rebecca! Keep up the good work! 😉

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