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Turkey Math Clip Cards


Turkeys are everywhere it seems, especially in classrooms! Turkey crafts, turkey books, turkey songs – it’s definitely November! We are adding one more activity to our fun list of turkey activities for kids – these free Turkey Math Clip Cards! These cards are great for Kindergarten and early 1st grade students who are working on beginning addition and subtraction facts, and especially distinguishing between symbols.

*Pair with our Thanksgiving Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Work on beginning addition and subtraction with these free Turkey Math Clip Cards! They are perfect for Kindergarten and early 1st grade!

Turkey Math Clip Cards

I am a huge fan of math clip cards because they can pack so much learning into such a small space. Plus, their themes can change throughout the year so they always feel new!

These clip cards not only work on academic skills, but build up fine motor skills too (squeezing clothespins is great for building up finger strength in pre-writers).

How to Prep

Like all of our clip card sets, these little turkeys were super easy to prep. I just printed, laminated, and cut apart on the solid lines.

Then I added some clothespins and the cards to a basket, and I had a math center or small group activity ready to go!

Add some clothespins and the Turkey Math Clip Cards to a basket for a math center or small group activity ready to go!

How to Play

When kids are beginning to learn addition or subtraction, you may see them learn addition first, and then subtraction. Or you may see them learn both at the same time.

There are many different thoughts on this, and some schools and teachers teach them both at the same time, and some do not.

However you teach them – this set of cards is great for kids who have had some exposure to addition and subtraction equations, and are ready to start distinguishing between the two.

As they pick a math clip card, they must look really carefully to see what type of equation it is before solving. This is a challenge for many kids!

They often will get used to adding and instantly do addition, not realizing they were looking at a subtraction problem, so it’s a great lesson in visual discrimination too.

Students pick a card, solve the problem (all addition and subtraction under 10), and then clip the answer!

Students solve the addition or subtraction problem and clip the correct number on the card.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready for some turkey-themed addition and subtraction fun? Grab your free set of these 24 turkey math clip cards by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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