Tissue Paper Valentine Heart Craft

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The holidays are behind us and before we know it Valentine’s Day will be upon us. We are getting a head start on Valentine’s Day with this Tissue Paper Valentine Heart Craft. Seasonal fun mixed with fine motor practice makes this a great Valentine’s Day craft to add to your February plans!

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Prepare for Valentine's Day while strengthening fine motor skills too with this fun and easy tissue paper Valentine heart craft for kids!

Tissue Paper Valentine Heart Craft

The main supplies in this craft are paper plates or card stock and tissue paper; items we use for crafts frequently. They are inexpensive and easy to find. They come in a large quantity, making them great for a group or class project (or lots of craft projects at home).

Supplies Needed:

This craft works best with something thicker than just regular paper so when I can, I often use a paper plate in place of card stock. I can buy a package of paper plates at the dollar store for $1. You can also pick up tissue paper there, making this a very inexpensive craft project!

This craft needs just a few simple supplies: tissue paper, a paper plate, and a glue stick.


The directions for this Valentine heart craft are simple and easy – perfect for young kids!

  1. Print the heart and use it as a template to cut a heart from the paper plate or card stock.
  2. Cut or tear the tissue paper into small pieces.
  3. Working in small sections, apply the glue to the heart paper plate.
  4. Crumple the tissue paper and apply to the heart. Continue with this step until the plate is covered.
This tissue paper Valentine heart craft is simple but so cute and fun.

This is a fun, easy-prep Valentine craft that also strengthens important areas of development like fine motor skills! When kids separate the pieces of tissue paper, tear or cut the tissue paper into smaller pieces, and crumple it, they are getting great fine motor skills practice. The paper also offers a sensory experience for kids as they hear and feel the crumpling of the tissue paper.

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    1. Melissa,

      Hi there! We tore our tissue paper into pieces approximately 2″ by 2″ but really any size works. It all just depends on how small the kids crumple up the paper and how long you would like the craft to take. The larger the pieces, the quicker the students will be able to cover the heart template. Hope this helps!

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