Tissue Paper Flower Craft

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Spring is upon us and that means flowers are blooming! Bring the beauty of springtime inside with this Tissue Paper Flower Craft. It is great for teaching the basic parts of a flower and practicing fine motor skills in Pre-K and Kindergarten. The final results make a beautiful display for the classroom or home!

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This Tissue Paper Flower Craft is great for teaching the basic parts of a flower and practicing fine motor skills in Pre-K and Kindergarten!

Tissue Paper Flower Craft

As the last of winter disappears and the weather starts getting warmer, I start itching to plant flowers. Most years we don’t see any snow after March, but a couple years ago we got a little in April. This winter did not bring much snow, so I’m even more ready to start planting.

The kids enjoy helping me pick out flowers and planting them, although I suspect their favorite part is digging in the dirt for worms. To hold us over until we can get our hands in the dirt, we made this fun and colorful flower craft!


We love to use simple supplies like paper plates and tissue paper for our crafts. In fact, we just used paper plates for our rain cloud craft. They come in a large package and are inexpensive and versatile. This makes them great to keep around for when we are feeling crafty. So let’s grab our simple supplies and get started!

We used supplies we had on hand like craft sticks, paint, and foam brushes for this tissue paper flower craft.

Supplies Needed:

How to Prep

We did a tissue paper sensory bin a few months ago, and when the kids had their fill with it, I bagged up the leftover pieces of tissue paper and saved them for future craft projects like this.

If you don’t have a bag of cut up tissue paper laying around, either prep it beforehand or have the kids cut/tear it as part of the project. Tearing up paper is a really great fine motor exercise, so I would choose to have them tear it had I not had the squares already. You could still have them tear them up though for extra fine motor skills practice – whichever you choose!

Sorting crafting supplies into trays makes them clearly visible and easily accessible for kids.

How to Make the Tissue Paper Flower Craft

1. Paint the craft sticks green for the flower stem.

2. Cut or tear the tissue paper into smaller pieces.

3. Glue the tissue paper onto a paper plate.

4. Cut green leaves from foam sheets or green cardstock and glue to the craft sticks.

5. Glue the craft stick “stems” to the back of the paper plate “flower.”

Ta-Da! You have a beautiful spring flower!

This tissue paper flower craft is simple, fun, and your kids will love it!

Extend the Activity

There are a few ways you can extend this activity and further your kids’ learning:

  • Use this flower craft to discuss the basic parts of the flower: stem, leaves, and petals.
  • Use the tissue paper to discuss the delicate nature of the petals on a flower. Tissue paper can tear easily just as flower petals can become damaged if handled improperly.

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