4 Must Read Kindergarten Teaching Tips

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As teachers, we can be a fantastic resource to each other. We can all learn so much from one another and provide a great support system. Kindergarten is an awesome but unique age to teach, so I wanted to share with you 4 Must Read Kindergarten Teaching Tips that I think are important and super helpful!

Check out these 4 Must Read Kindergarten Teaching Tips that are important and super helpful in the classroom!

4 Must Read Kindergarten Teaching Tips

These tips aren’t in any kind of order, but I think they are all super important to remember.

Are you ready for my top 4 Kindergarten teaching tips? Let’s dive right in!

Tip #1 – Go Slow To Go Fast

Going slow and setting clear expectations allows students to be successful in all activities including center time.

Sometimes we as teachers are tempted to hit the ground running when school starts and get right into content. I get it, we have a TON to teach and lots to do. How can we meet the standards if we don’t get moving on them?

Well, I firmly believe that if you take it slow in the beginning and spend a lot of time on routines and establishing a solid classroom community, you will actually get further in the end!

The reason being, that if you don’t have a strong classroom community set up and your kiddos don’t have the routines or procedures down pat, you will likely spend a lot of time putting out little fires instead of teaching

Once your students know your expectations and routines and the daily operations are running smoothly, they will be ready to learn, and you will be ready to teach content!

Imagine all the content you will be able to get through when your class is running like a well-oiled machine!

Tip #2 – Don’t Forget To Play!

Don't forget to play is a super important Kindergarten teaching tip that greatly benefits learning!

I know we have rigorous standards to meet, and not everyone is allowed to have playful centers in their classroom. But students learn so much from play. They learn lessons well beyond the content we are trying to teach, so try to include play whenever you can.

It is so important, and it really benefits their learning! I am not talking just about recess, but real cooperative play in the classroom. You can still play and meet all of those standards, so try to combine the two when you can.

And don’t be afraid to just get a little silly with your kiddos!

Tip #3 – Focus on Those Social Skills!

Incorporating lessons that model proper social skills is super important to a successful year.

Kindergarten is a huge year, and not just academically! Students are learning social and emotional skills such as carrying on conversations, taking turns, playing in groups, working together, asking questions, making comments, being kind, and so much more.

This goes along with play in some ways, although you will also need to explicitly teach and model some social skills. Remember, a lot of teaching social skills comes from modeling appropriate behavior and responses in the little moments of your day.

These things don’t just happen overnight. They need to be developed in the classroom as well! Your school may have a dedicated social skills curriculum, or you may incorporate strategies on your own in your classroom, but don’t forget how important these skills are for your students.

I promise, putting focus on these skills will change your classroom!

Tip #4 – Take Care of Yourself, Too!

Teaching Kindergarten is a big job. It is fun, rewarding, and amazing, but it can also be tiring (in a rewarding way).

There is always more to do. I can tell you now, you will never be 100% done with anything, because there is ALWAYS more to do. I could probably live at school if I waited until I felt completely finished with everything.

So, it is important to be able to put all of the grading, all of the emails, and all of the planning away, and make time to take care of yourself. Whether you pick one day (or more) to go home on time, try to not bring anything home, read a book (that is not Dr. Suess), go for a walk, etc., it is important to find something for you. Your students will benefit from this as well!

How? Well, if you are exhausted, you will likely not be at your best. Even if you feel super prepared because of all the time you spent in the classroom, if you are too tired to bring your well planned lesson to life, your kiddos will feel it.

Even the best laid plans are not that great when given by an exhausted, overwhelmed teacher. So don’t forget to give yourself a little breather every now and then!

I hope you are gathering up some great Kindergarten teaching tips! Do you have a tip for me? I would love to learn from you!

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  1. Hi! Taking care of yourself is a great tip……….and one I don't alway do. I have really made an effort to walk a couple of laps on the track this year on my lunch break. Trying to take care of me 🙂 Love play in kinder as well!
    Kindergarten Planet

  2. Alex – Thanks so much for sharing these great tips! I love your tip of taking care of yourself! Definitely one that we as teachers need to remember! Have a wonderful rest of the week!
    ~Heather 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Heather! That is definitely a big area that a lot of teachers could use a little reminder in! It's hard! Have a great week as well! 🙂

    1. Thanks Erin! Taking care if myself is the one I sometimes struggle with in the busy world of teaching, so figured I should remind myself too! 🙂

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