Tested Teacher Tips for the First Day of School

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The first day of school can be tough to plan for, especially in a Pre-K or Kindergarten classroom. There is so much to think about and so many unknowns to plan for, it can be overwhelming. So I have compiled a great list of tested teacher tips for the first day of school to help you be confident that your next first day is a great one!

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Check out our list of Tested Teacher Tips for the First Day of School that you can download and keep handy to rock your next first day!

The First Day

First days can be tough. Not only are you dealing with typical first day teacher jitters, you have students who have, quite possibly, never been in a classroom before. Throw in emotional parents and the inevitable tears from an anxious student, and you’ve got yourself a party! Did I mention that I’ve only described the first 10 minutes of the day? Yikes! It can be overwhelming.

Luckily, The Kindergarten Connection community of teachers on Facebook and Instagram is amazing! Over the years, they have provided me with a number of tips for the first day of school that they swear by. I have compiled their ideas, along with a few of my own, into a list that you can download and keep handy to rock your next first day!

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Have containers of play-dough available for students at their tables upon arrival.

Tested Teacher Tips For the First Day of School

  • Plan a lot of things, but know you will likely only get to half.
  • It’s okay if your classroom isn’t “ready” – the kids won’t know, and you will get there!
  • Practice routines A LOT! (Clean up and line up multiple times – make a game out of it!)
  • Read stories, sing songs, and PLAY!
  • Make the day funit’s okay if things don’t get done.
  • Have containers of play dough or other items at their tables for arrival.
  • Have backpack tags and a chart for dismissal so you know where everyone goes.
  • Play name games to learn each others’ names.
  • Read lots of shorter books or repetitive texts.
  • If you see your students before the first day of school, give them “Jitter Glitter” or “Ready Confetti” to put under their pillows before the first day.
  • Torn paper names – tear up paper and have them glue the pieces to their written names (this is great for fine motor).
  • Explore crayons and supplies freely on paper – this is a great informal assessment to see where kids are at.
Provide supplies like torn paper, glue, and crayons for students to explore freely with on paper.

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The Kindergarten Connection
Tested Teacher Tips for the First Day of School


    1. We’re so happy we can share these ideas with our amazing TKC teacher community! Hope you have a great year – you got this! 🙂

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