Ten Frame Spring Counting

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Ten frame activities are perfect for young students starting to learn about numbers, counting and simple number sums. Use this Ten Frame Spring Counting activity with bug/butterfly buttons or mini erasers for a fun hands-on math activity that’s perfect for Spring!

Grab FREE Printable Ten Frame Spring Counting Activity and use in small groups, math center or pairs. Students practice adding sums in many combinations!Ten Frame Spring Counting

How to Use this Counting Activity

This hands-on activity is suitable for Kindergarten-1st grade. Children will be challenged to discover numbers 1 to 10 with various number combinations, one-to-one correspondence and work their fine motor muscles!

Let’s get started!


  • 10 Spring Themed Buttons/Beads/Mini Erasers
  • Green Craft Foam Sheet or Construction Paper
  • Dry Erase Marker
  • Laminator or Dry Erase Pocket
  • Ten Frame Spring Counting Printable (download at end of post)
  • Mini Sorting Tray (I used a paint palette)

Ten Frame Spring Counting Math ActivityPreparation

First, cut leaves from the green craft foam or construction paper and number the leaves from 1 to 10 with a sharpie marker.

Next, place the numbered leaves into the mini tray.

Finally, laminate the Ten Frame Spring Counting Printable or slip it into a dry erase pocket.

How to Use this FREE Math Printable

Students will chose a leaf and place it on the last circle in the addition equation (sum). Then he/she will count out seven buttons and add it to the ten frame, going from left to right.


For beginners, children can use multiple colored buttons. For children who are a little more advanced, encourage she/he to choose one color per “part” of the addition equation.

For example, use only blue buttons for the first part of the math equation (first circle in equation) and then use only pink buttons for the second part of the math equations (second circle in equation).

This will make it a very clear visual that there are 2 parts to the math equation that equal a total sum.

Ten Frame Spring Counting Math Activity

After that, the students will write their addition math equation. This can be any of the combinations to get to the answer.

In this case 5+2, 4+3, 1+6, 7+0 (or any of these combinations flipped around) is correct.

You may find that if the first row is full, the student will most probably add a 5 in the first circle and the rest in the next circle. This is not wrong, but, encourage them to look for different combinations once they understand the concept.

Ten Frame Spring Counting Math Activity

Ten Frame Spring Counting Math Activity

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