Summer Sight Word Activities

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Here are some of my favorite outdoor summer sight word activities that can help reinforce sight words, and be put together in minutes!

*Pair with our EDITABLE Sight Word Centers and Activities for Pre-K & Kindergarten!

Summer Sight Word Activities

As a stay at home mother of 5 and former kindergarten teacher, I have quite a few tricks up my sleeve for getting my children motivated when studying sight words and/or spelling words. It’s important that my children stay sharp and ready to return to school in the fall, having not lost all that they learned the previous school year.

I like to use these literacy activities in a small group or one on one. You can use them in your homeschool, traditional classroom and of course, my favorite is when my kids are on summer break!

Tip: At the end of the school year, I ask my child’s teacher for word lists for the grade they are going into. This way we stay ahead of the curve all summer long!

I have collected items from the dollar store to use with these Summer Sight Word Activities. More often than not, I just open up my closet, drawer or cupboard and use what we already have on hand! I’m always surprised at what we can put together in an instant!

Here are some of my favorite outdoor summer sight word activities that can help reinforce sight words, and be put together in minutes!

Money saving tips:

  • Use plastic bowls and paper bags for grab bags and buckets to hold flashcards in.
  • Have your children make their own flashcards with index cards and markers.
  • Use recycled materials when possible (i.e. milk jug caps to write words on, and empty water bottles too).
Here are some of my favorite outdoor summer sight word activities that can help reinforce sight words, and be put together in minutes!

Summer Sight Word Activities List

Magic Words with Crayons 

Write a word in white crayon on a piece of paper and then paint over it to see the word revealed.

Sight Word Bowling

Write words on plastic bottles and then toss bean bags at them and shout out the word on the bottle you are trying to knock over.

Silly Hop Scotch

Create a hop scotch board and write words in the squares and call out the words before you hop on the square.

Word Hunt

Hide flashcards around the house or garden and shout them out as you find them.

Sight Word Bubble Wrap Pop

Write words on bubble wrap and children try to pop each word as they jump on it and shout out the word.

Tunnel Race

Scatter craft sticks around in the tunnel with sight words written on them. Children have to quickly crawl through the tunnel to find their word. They return to “base” with their word in hand and shout it out.

4 Corners Race

Each child draws a stick out of the tin with a sight word on it. They then go stand in one of the four corners of the room. At the same time all children run to the center of the room where all the words are scattered about the floor and they must find their word.

Cool Whip Words

Lay out a plastic table cloth and let your children spell their words in Cool Whip! They must read the word after they “write it” in Cool Whip.

Sight Words Plastic Blocks

Write letters on the sides of plastic blocks and children must spell their words by linking the blocks together.

Sight Word Silly Stories

Children write a silly story using their sight words and then read it out loud.

Wheel of Fortune

Children play Wheel of Fortune but use their sight words for the mystery words.

Hang Man

Children play Hang Man but use their sight words for the mystery words.

Bean Bag Toss

Write sight words in chalk on the ground and toss bean bags on a word and say it out loud.

Sight Word Memory

Use index cards to write doubles of the sight words. Then flip them all over and play the memory game to find pairs.

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Sight Word Fun

My six year old son has really enjoyed playing Sight Word Hopscotch. Not only does it  get him outdoors but it allows for him to use his entire body while practicing his sight words!

Here are some of my favorite outdoor summer sight word activities that can help reinforce sight words, and be put together in minutes!

I just know that you and your children are going to have a wonderful time practicing sight words and/or spelling words in a whole new way! Have an awesome summer!

More Hands-on Sight Word Activities

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Sticky Note Sight Word Match

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  1. My daughters are grown, but I teach kindergarten, and I can’t wait to do some of the sight word activities in the fall! Thank you!

    1. I am so glad you will be able to use some of these activities with your students Elizabeth! 🙂 Have a wonderful summer!

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