Summer Play Dough Kit

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In my classroom, we love play dough activities and I try to add in new, seasonal play dough kits every month! They encourage and provide hands-on, sensory play which is so valuable. My kids have loved anticipating and looking forward to what they are going to discover in the giant classroom play dough kit every month, so I wanted to really make things fun with this Summer Play Dough Kit!

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This Summer Play Dough Kit is perfect for kids to get hands-on, sensory fun with an engaging summer theme!

Summer Play Dough Kit

Last year, I made an Ocean-Themed Play Dough Invitation with sand play dough and blue “ocean play dough.” I also included seashells, sea glass, and glass gems. I knew this year that the kids would be expecting something similar and I really wanted to come up with something new that still evoked happy summer memories.

Instead of looking to my favorite part of summer (the beach!) for inspiration, I decided to pull my inspiration from the backyard! Long summer days running through the sprinklers, eating watermelon in the sun, and making homemade lemonade are a few of the classic childhood memories I pulled into making this Summer Play Dough Kit.

I included starfish, mini parasols, glass stones, fabric flowers, and pink and yellow play dough in our summer kit.

Making a Summer Play Dough Kit

First, gather your materials:

Of course, the play dough and all materials are stored in my giant Ikea sectioned container. I use these containers for all of my classroom-sized play dough kits. You can find similar plastic containers on Amazon!

The kids used the starfish to make impressions in the play dough.

I wanted to give as many open-ended summer materials as possible without giving the play dough kit too much of a directed theme. There are summer food scents, items reminiscent of the beach, as well as gardening references. This allowed the children to bring their own meanings and ideas to their play which you can see in the many different ways they played with the materials.

Below, my daughter decided to try patterning with the different manipulatives.

The kids also created patterns with the supplies in the play dough kit.

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I was really wonderfully surprised at all of the creative ideas the kids brought to the Summer Play Dough Kit, and you can see all of the cool things they are learning and processing come out through their play.

Students will enjoy adding the flowers to the play dough to make a pretend garden.

Here’s a few of the ways they played:

  • making some cool impressions – the starfish left better impressions than the flowers
  • “planting” a garden, and then using the blue stones to “water” the garden
  • making a beach that transformed into a deserted island
  • smelling the play doughs and describing the scents
  • making textured play dough by kneading in the sand
  • making “fancy lemonade drinks” with the drink parasols and blue glass “ice cubes”
  • talking about Rapunzel and the flowers in her hair, and some attempts to add the flowers to their own hair
  • using the blue glass gems to make “seeds” in the watermelon play dough
With just the few supplies in this Summer Play Dough Kit, the options for play are endless!

The kids had a wonderful time playing with this Summer Play Dough Kit, and it was really cool to see them explore mathematical concepts and use descriptive language without any prompting.

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Summer Play Dough Kit


  1. I LOVE the play dough kits! I am definitely trying that out with my kiddos! I usually keep a basket of store-bought dough, but I love the idea of using up the extra Kool-Aid packets. I’ve also been using them in the bathtub at night with my youngest.

    I’m in the middle of cleaning out and organizing our classroom/office for the end of the year. I have a giant drawer that ends up housing all of the leftover craft supplies. I’m thinking I need to go dig through it and see what all I could use for a play dough kit next week! Thanks so much for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Courtney! Yay! So glad you love the play dough kits – they are definitely fun to have on hand! I bet you will find tons of inspiration in your craft drawer – I should probably clean out and do the same! 🙂

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