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Stickers & Dice Spelling Game


Today, I am sharing a simple idea I often use with my learners for revising spelling words using stickers and a dice! We turn the task of revision into a game so that they don’t even realize they are learning, win-win!

Stickers & Dice Spelling Game

The great thing about this game is that you can use the flashcards of the words you are focusing on at the moment. We were revising the long E sound with regards to the ‘ea’ and ‘ee’ vowel combinations. (Stressing again that this is meant as a revision game after the meaning if the words were explained and the learners have read it a few times.)

To start, gather your materials.

  • Your flashcards of choice
  • Different colors of sticker dots (you can simply color the dots too)
  • Dice (you can use a printable dice as well)

I simply stuck 4 different color dot stickers to the back of the flashcards and also onto the dice (two sides were the same since I only used 4 colors). It was spread out on the table and immediately caught the attention of the learners when they entered the room.

Here is a simple idea I use for revising spelling words, using stickers and a dice! Easily turn the task of revision into a game!

Each player had a turn to roll the dice and pick up the corresponding color flashcard. If it was read correctly, the player kept the card. (If a learner struggled, we sounded it out together, but it had to go back on the table, the next time someone picked it up, chances are they will read it correctly.)

The one with the most cards at the end of the game, wins! Simple, right? You would think so, but the closer you come to the end of the game, your luck determines if you throw the right color to get a chance at adding another card to your pile…

We didn’t end the lesson there! Each player had to underline the ‘E’ sound on their cards with a dry erase marker and then we grouped the same spelling choice together. This step is to see if the learners can identify the sound within a word (a skill necessary for reading more complex words), thus needed for assessing purposes.

Here is a simple idea I use for revising spelling words, using stickers and a dice! Easily turn the task of revision into a game!

Turn any spelling revision lesson into a fun game by adding stickers and dice! Have fun while learning too!

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