St. Patrick’s Day Sentence Writing Activity

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Happy March, teacher friends! Reading and writing simple sentences is an important skill that’s learned in Kindergarten and today I’m sharing a free, hands-on St. Patrick’s Day Sentence Writing Activity. Your students are going to be so proud to build and write their very own sentences with these engaging St. Patrick’s Day printables. So let’s get started and bring a little leprechaun themed learning fun to the classroom!

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Grab this FREE St. Patrick's Day Sentence Writing Activity for Kindergarten and bring some seasonal fun to your literacy centers!

St. Patrick’s Day Sentence Writing Activity

This activity is perfect for a whole group or small group writing lesson, or add it to your literacy centers. It includes 2 writing pages which gives you options for differentiation. But the best part is it’s easy to prep and can be ready in a pinch!

Teacher Tip: I recommend printing the St. Patrick’s Day word cards and picture cards on card stock for durability and laminating them for reuse year after year!

How to Use the Sentence Writing Printables

To begin, the students should use the word cards and picture cards to build the sentence that they want to write.

Being able to build a sentence demonstrates that students can read high frequency words, sight words, and form a complete sentence. These are important prerequisites to writing a sentence on their own.

To begin, students should use the word and picture cards to build the sentence that they want to write.

When building their sentence, students will use the word cards “I,” “see,” “a,” and the punctuation card with a period on it. They’ll put them in order to read “I see a ___.”

Then students will choose which St. Patrick’s Day themed picture card they want to include in their sentence. For example, if they choose the rainbow card, their sentence will read: “I see a rainbow.”

Once students have demonstrated that they can build a sentence, they’re ready to write it!

This sentence writing activity includes two versions of the writing page to help meet your students needs.

The students can write the sentence that they built and draw a picture that matches what they wrote.

One version includes the sentence starter “I see a…” In this version, students would complete the sentence by writing just the themed word that they chose.

The second version has blank handwriting lines for students to write the entire sentence.

Once students write their sentence, they’ll also draw and color a picture to go along with it.

This St. Patrick's Day Writing Activity includes 6 picture cards for students to choose from.

Being able to represent writing in drawings is important because it demonstrates that students understand what they wrote and that they can create a picture that correlates with their writing (and vice versa).

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St. Patrick\'s Day Sentence Writing Activity


  1. How do I know the age or reading level for your resources? ie Is sentence construction more for first grade or can a 5 yo do this?

    1. Hi Tami,

      This activity is absolutely appropriate for a 5 year old or Kindergartener. It is versatile so you could begin with just building the sentences with the word and picture cards. If you feel your child or student is ready, you could move onto the sentence writing part of the activity. 🙂

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