St. Patrick’s Day Make 10 Printables

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With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, we are adding a fun, seasonal twist to some of our learning activities, and shamrocks have definitely become quite popular! As we build on our addition and subtraction skills in Kindergarten, one strategy we work very hard on is knowing our sums of 10. Being able to quickly know sums of 10 will help kids greatly as they move further on through mathematical concepts. These free St. Patrick’s Day Make 10 Printables take something kids are already familiar with – ten frames, and give them a fun, seasonal twist to make addition practice a breeze!

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Working on sums of 10? Have fun learning addition combinations to 10 with these free St. Patrick's Day Make 10 Printables!

St. Patrick’s Day Make 10 Printables

Ten frames are hands down one of my favorite teaching tools in math because they provide a great visual for kids to really SEE the numbers they are building and working with.

There are two ten frame addition pages in this printable set, one with shamrocks and one with pots of gold.

You can either print double-sided or do one at a time. I chose to print single-sided and use them as morning work when my Kindergarten students arrived.

One version of the make 10 printables includes fun pots of gold filling the ten frames.

How to Use the Printables

To get this activity ready, just print which version you want to use and add some crayons! I also like to set out fun manipulatives for extra support.

Students get to fill in the missing spots in the ten frames and write the equations that make 10.

For example, in the first problem on the shamrock printable, there are 9 shamrocks and 1 empty square in the ten frame. The kids will count the 9 shamrocks and then draw 1 circle or “shamrock” in the empty square.

This shows the pair of 9 and 1 making 10, or the equation 9+1=10.

We use fun coloring tools like crayons to draw shamrocks in the ten frames and write our equations.

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With these make 10 printables, students are not just seeing the equation in numbers, but they have the ten frame right there to help them work through the problem.

This provides reluctant or less confident mathematicians with support and helps them work through the problems, gaining confidence in their capabilities while doing so.

I also like to set out fun manipulatives with the make 10 printables for extra support.

The kids loved making their own “shamrocks” and “pots of gold” and I loved that they were working on those sums of 10!

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St. Patrick\'s Day Make 10 Printables


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