Spring Writing Center Activity

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Spring has arrived and it is the perfect time to grab this Spring Writing Center Activity! It is hands-on, easy to prep, and it’ll get your students up and moving around the classroom. The best part – it will breathe new life into your literacy centers this Spring and your students will love it!

*Pair with our “Find It” Writing Centers Bundle for Pre-K/Kindergarten!

This free Spring Writing Center Activity for Kindergarten is hands-on, easy to prep, and it'll get your students up and moving around the classroom!

Spring Writing Center Activity

It’s time to get those busy bodies up and moving around the classroom!

You can have children work in pairs and turn this into a game of “hide and seek” or simply place this activity in your literacy centers as an independent center activity.

Let’s get started with some simple supplies!

Just print the Spring Writing Center Activity vocab cards, recording sheet, and grab some crayons to get started!


  • Spring “FIND IT” printable recording sheet (download below)
  • 8 Spring word vocabulary cards – laminate for repeated use and cut (download below)
  • Tape or Velcro
  • Crayons
  • Clipboard (Amazon has 30 packs if you don’t have a class set yet – they are handy!)

How to Use the Spring “Find It” Writing Center Activity

This activity is perfect for Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms as a reader’s workshop or writing center activity. It is also great for homeschool!

If you decide to make this a center activity, just remember to scatter the spring vocabulary cards around the classroom before the studens arrive.

Use velcro to attach the cards to the walls or other surfaces if you like to keep your “write the room” cards in similar locations throughout the year. Tape works too!

Use velcro or tape to attach the spring vocabulary cards to the walls and other surfaces around the classroom.

Partner Work

My favorite way to use this Spring “Find It” Activity is in pairs.

Once the spring vocabulary cards are printed and cut out partner #1 uses a small piece of tape or velcro to scatter the cards around the classroom by attaching them to the walls, cabinets, or shelves.

Find the spring vocabulary cards, read the words aloud, and color the matching pictures on the recording sheet.

Partner #2 should turn his/her back so they can’t see where partner #1 places the spring vocabulary cards.

Partner #2 then uses the recording sheet and a clipboard to find the spring vocabulary cards scattered around the classroom.

When partner #2 finds a vocab card he/she should read the word out loud, find it on their recording sheet, and color the picture that matches the vocab card.

This Spring Writing Center Activity continues until both partners have hidden or found the vocabulary cards and colored them on the recording sheet.

Tip: For an extra challenge, children can write the word next to the picture when they find it and color it in!

As partner #2 finds each vocabulary card, they hand it to partner #1 and he/she places them back in the writing center so that partner #2 has a chance to hide the vocab cards for partner #1.

The activity continues until both partners have had a chance to hide the spring vocabulary cards and find/color them on the recording sheet.

Grab Your Free Copy

Ready for some spring-themed writing center fun? Grab your copy of the Spring “Find It” Writing Center Activity by clicking the large, yellow download button below! Click Here to Download Your Printable

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  1. I love this activity! Are there others ones that are like this? I teach Pre-K and it is perfect for my students!

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