Roll and Graph Spring Math Activity

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Do your students jump for joy over graphing activities like mine do? Your kids will have a blast effectively practicing early graphing skills with this free Roll and Graph Spring Math Activity! It’s the perfect addition to your springtime math centers.

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Your students will have a blast effectively practicing early graphing skills with this free Roll and Graph Spring Math Activity!

Roll and Graph Spring Math Activity

My favorite way to use this activity is in pairs. When children pair up with a partner, they can turn this roll and graph game into a race. It’s also perfect for an independent center activity too!

This activity was designed with Pre-K and Kindergarten students in mind. What’s extra great is that children will practice graphing skills and work their fine motor muscles while coloring!

Let’s get started with our supplies!

Supplies Needed:

  • Spring Roll and Graph recording page and printable die (at the end of the post)
  • Spring Pocket Die printable picture cards (at the end of the post)
  • Pocket Dice (optional)
  • Crayons

How to Assemble the Printable Die

You have two options for using dice with this activity. You can use the included spring printable die and assemble it on your own OR you can use the pocket dice printable cards to place in a pocket die.

Assembly for the spring roll and graph printable die is simple! I would suggest laminating it first. This makes it easier to assemble and also makes the die more durable.

This roll and graph activity comes with a printable die with fun spring pictures that is easy to assemble.

Simply cut out the die along the thick black line. Then you’ll fold inward, along the dotted lines. Keep folding up the die and tucking in the edges until it’s in a cube shape. Lastly, add a couple pieces of tape to secure the die.

If you’d rather not fuss with assembling the printable die, then use pocket dice! Simply print the pocket dice picture cards, cut them out, and slide them into the sides of the pocket die. So simple!

This download also includes pocket dice picture cards that can easily be slipped into pocket dice.

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How to Use the Springtime Roll and Graph Recording Sheet

If using this spring math activity in your centers, be sure that your students have a solid foundation of graphing skills. If it’s been a while then a quick reminder of how to graph will help!

You might also want to place a basket in the math center with a variety of coloring tools in it to make graphing even more fun!

Fun Tip: Laminate the recording sheet and have your students use dry erase markers to color!

Time to Graph!

This graphing activity is so easy to play and so much fun! Students simply roll the die and then, on the recording sheet, color in one square above the picture that matches the one they rolled.

The activity continues with the student rolling the die and coloring in the squares above the picture rolled on the die until they reach the top of the graph in one of the columns!

Students roll the die and color one square above the matching picture on their recording sheet.

Partner Work

Turn this spring math activity into a race! In pairs, each child has his/her own roll and graph recording sheet and they share a die.

Player #1 rolls the die and colors in the square on their own graphing recording sheet.

Player #2 then rolls and records the picture rolled on their own recording sheet. The game continues until one of the player’s spring-themed picture has reached the top of their own graph first!

The kids can also color the fun springtime pictures on the recording sheet.

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready for some graphing fun? Add this free Roll and Graph Spring Math Activity to your math centers by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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Roll and Graph Spring Math Activity


  1. really love these roll and graph activities. I teach the vocabulary, we use the pictures for a “read the room” treasure hunt and we do the graphing. so much fun!!!! My autistic students love this!

    1. Hi Angela!
      This just warms our hearts! What a wonderful way to use the Spring Roll and Graph Math Activity. Thanks for sharing with us!

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