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Dice Math Games for Easter


Spring is here! It kind of snuck up on me actually. I went to the store and saw TONS of Easter stuff everywhere! I could not believe the amount of fun, cute, themed plastic eggs they have. Of course, I got sidetracked from my main mission, and my “teacher brain” (it’s a real thing) was thinking of what math games I could use these eggs for. So these super fun and free Dice Math Games for Easter were created!

*Pair with our Roll and Color Math Games for the Year!

These free Dice Math Games for Easter are the perfect hands-on way to work on addition and subtraction this spring!

Dice Math Games for Easter

The moment I spotted these bunny, carrot, and chick Easter eggs I knew I had to have them for my math centers!

I created an addition game for the chicks and a subtraction game for the carrots. Then I added a bonus addition/subtraction game for the bunnies! These games are super fun and cute when paired with these adorable Easter eggs BUT the directions on the sheets are worded so that you can use regular plastic eggs or NO eggs at all!

So – you do NOT need to go buy these items to play these dice math games. Just grab some dice and the printable games (download below) and you are set!

Let’s check out the games that are included!

Chicky Challenge! Addition

First up is the addition game called “Chicky Challenge!” I placed two dice in each chicken. My kids shook the chicken, then looked through the top to record the equation.

The chickens are see-through so they don’t need to open them to play – they just use them as a shaker.

In "Chicky Challenge" my kids shook the chicken egg with the dice, then looked through the top to record the equation.

Crunch the Numbers! Subtraction

Next up, is the subtraction dice math game I call “Crunch the Numbers!”

For this game, I provided 2 dice and a number line on the table for students to use as a tool if needed. My kids rolled the dice and read the numbers. They then subtracted the smaller number from the largest and recorded the equation.

In "Crunch the Numbers" my kids rolled the dice and then subtracted the smaller number from the larger number rolled.

Hop to It! Addition AND Subtraction

Finally, “Hop to It!” is a mixed addition and subtraction version of the game. We played it with the bunny eggs!

This game is definitely more advanced as students have to switch between addition and subtraction. But that’s why these printable dice games are so great because you can choose exactly which one your students are ready for!

"Hop to It!" is a mixed addition and subtraction version of the dice math games.

These dice math games can be used as worksheets with pencils or crayons, or you can put them in a dry erase pocket sleeve and students can record their answers with dry erase markers. This is a great paper and ink-saving option!

Grab Your FREE Copy

Ready to start rolling, adding, and subtracting? Get your free printable Dice Math Games for Easter over on TpT by clicking the large, yellow download button at the end of the post!

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    1. Hi Sue! I got them some years back at Target I think or perhaps Kroger! With the Easter stuff, and I see variations of them from time to time, so keep an eye out for sure! 🙂

  1. Good Evening I loved the activities. When i first saw this the other day i opened the file. I went back to print today and couldnt fjnd the file to download on tpt. Any help would bd greatly appreciated!

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